Spoke Newsletter – 3/20/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 3/20/2014

For the last three years, our University of Redlands Rotaract Club has raised $10,000.00 annually for meaningful service overseas. The first year they supported the retraining of trafficked women in India for meaningful jobs; the second year was helping marginalized women gain an education in Nicaragua and this past year it was for surgeries in Ethiopia. To raise this money the students spent hun- dreds of hours, working in our community to raise funds. Less than 10% of the $30,000.00 came from major donors, most represented small but generous gifts from Rotarians and other concerned com- munity members. They are advised by Jack Osborn and Bob Heinze. Erin Murphy, UR Global Business major, and President of Rotaract will be today’s speaker.

Last Week
James Ramos, our San Bernardino County Supervisor for the 3rd District updated the club on recent events. The public and private partnership involving SB County, UR and ESRI which is striving to bring passenger rail to Redlands remains one of SANBAG’s top pri- orities. The next step is a Spring Public Review. The community needs to come forward stating the importance of this project. Su- pervisor Ramos has been instrumental in moving the state to an eq- uity funding model for the county courts. This will insure SB County gets its fair share of funding. A” GIVE BIG” website has been established to enable county citizens to more easily support nonprofit organizations in the county. The kickoff will be May 8. In an effort to meet the public, Supervisor Ramos has setup monthly “Coffee With The Supervisor” meetings to identify the important issues to county residents. The next one will be March 21 in Yu- caipa. A similar event will be held in Redlands before June.

Next Week
Our speaker next week will be the University of Redlands Fletcher Jones Professor of Government and International Relations, Dr. Robert Jackson. Cambridge University Press published his newest book on international politics, Global Politics in the 21st Century, in August 2013.

Red, Wine and Blues
Sarah Sillers reminds us all that there is only one week to go before Saturday, March 29th, 4 – 7 p.m. at the Redlands Country Club. Don’t miss those last minute ticket sales to your friends and acquaintances.

Music Competition Continued….
The Rotary District 5330 Music Competition was recently com- pleted. Our Club sent three very strong vocalists to compete at the District level. At the District competition our representative Stephanie Quijada advanced to the round of the “elite eight”. In the final round, Stephanie won second place, receiving $500 from District 5330.

Where is your favorite place to visit?
Shirley Harry said, “always Paris”. Martha Green replied “Repulse Bay in Hong Kong” while Betty Auton- Beck found it difficult to choose between: Africa, magical and hypnotic; the fabulous sunsets of the South Pacific and the majesty of the frozen Antarctica. Lynda Schauf, our travel guru suggested her favorite place is still Kenya, although she loved Turkey and Machu Picchu!

Speaking of Travel
Pat Hoag just returned from a fabulous trip to Asia. NSA phone recordings reveal that Sean Lugo will not be here for Red, Wine and Blues because he is going on a “business trip” to Hawaii. The editor would like to know what kind of business that is…

What’s for Lunch?
Steve Petereo has come up with three yummy menu choices for lunch on May 3, 2014. They are: Shepherd’s Pie; Beef Stroganoff or Chili Colorado. The entre with the most votes will be served! Our illustrious “Robbing Hood” will conduct the voting by a show of hands at the meeting today. Why do I think there will also be some sort of “show of money” also?

Dictionary Pickup!!
Florin Rominu reminds those Rotarians distributing dictionaries to RUSD 3rd grade classes that the dictionaries are ready for pickup. Feel free to stop by and pick them up at anytime at his house. There is no truth to the rumor that Florin presented a complimentary dictionary to this month’s Spoke editor.

Looking for Future Stars
Cheryl Riggs is looking for song leaders for the next few months – this is an ideal opportunity for new members to make complete a…. I mean serve the club! Those who volunteer will be given any re- quested assistance. Those who wait to be asked will be singled out to do a solo in lieu of “Smiles”.

There is no truth to the rumor that Bob Hodges is sequestered in his home office without eating or speaking to anyone while putting the final touches on his March Madness Tournament Brackets. Mr.Gates is expecting his submission at any moment.

This week I sing the praises of ‘Saint Larry Burgess’. Being the Pro- gram Chair is one of the most unnoticed, yet vital pieces of a suc- cessful Rotary Club. Saint Larry hesitated when I asked him to be Program Chair last year. After all, he was retired and had a speaking schedule that would rival any Past-President of the United States (minus the obscene speaking fees, naturally). By about the fifth time I bought him breakfast at Martha Green’s, he succumbed and said yes. And look at the quality speakers we’ve enjoyed. In the past three weeks we have heard from the country sheriff, district attorney, and a county supervisor. Thank you Saint Larry Burgess for your service.

How many Rotarians can say they have had a song written about them? Add me to the list. Nathan Gonzales took the time to apply his creative lyric skills to ‘On Top of Old Smokey’ for my benefit. The song mentioned Robin Hood and Peter Pan. One name I had not been called until last week came from a visiting Rotarian. She said that my hat looked great….I made a fantastic leprechaun. When will the insults cease?

March 20, 2014 No. 33 Editor: Chris Walker

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