Spoke Newsletter – 02/01/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 02/01/2018


Pat Hoag and Kim Clark will discuss their shared experiences of fatigue and oxigen deprivation in the Land of Snow, the Himalayan mountain range.


DON MCCUE, NATHAN GONZALES, MARIA CARRILLO and LARRY BURGESS shared each of their perspectives on the many issues surrounding monuments erected to honor some of the Confederate leaders. Views ranged from moving monuments to museums and to historic sites, where they can be interpreted in an historic context, to suggestions of making major or minor modi cations in the monuments to make them less controversial, to the view that they should just be left where and as they are. As was clear from the presentation, history is often messy and uncomfortable.


Next week we will have the pleasure of hearing from Redlands Rotary Past President and former Redlands Chief of Police LEW NELSON. It is reported that he will give us a wide ranging talk about everything from catching bad guys to eventful bike rides. It should be great fun to hear from Lew.


Congratulations once again to the Weisser dynamic duo, with the selection of ELLEN WEISSER as Redlands Woman of the Year. They are truly a combined force for good in this community.


Is your club roster sitting in a drawer at the of ce or at home, only to come out when you need an email or to help you put a name to a face. CAL BOOTHBY keeps your roster up to date with a surprising array of information that warrants a periodic refresher review.

You probably know all of the newer members who joined the club in 2016 – since their membership years are in the roster – but should you be unfamiliar with any of them, here they are: AARON ARES (City inspector – City of Redlands), JACK BENNETT (title too long – lookit up), MICHAEL BOSMAN ( nancial advisor), GENEVA LABATE (Home Instead Service Care), JACQUELYN LANIER (Cross & Swan Events), BEVERLY NOERR (Executive Director RCMA), JAN OPDYKE (Pres. Redlands Hospital Foundation), CAROL SANSEVERO (Community Liason – Redlands Ford), JOHN TINCHER (Retired Fundraising Consultant). And if you are curious about their sponsors, take a look at pages 54-56, where CAL had listed each of their sponsors. Among the sponsors not members any more, we might want to know who RODNEY V. WRIGHT was. He sponsered LARRY WORMSER, who has only been in the club since 1961. And maybe LEROY HANSBERGER can tell us about JOHN FERRELL, who sponsered him into the club in 1958. So spend a little time browsing through the roster for some of the extra tid bits it contains.


All polar bears are left handed. Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump. As you may have noticed, your club president is left handed and probably can jump. I’m not quite sure what that says about him.


Hello, this week we will be discussing some of the changes and updated that our Rotary President, IAN RISELEY, has implemented. One of the rst thigs he has done has been the improvements made to rotary Club Central. It has been completely redesigned to be faster and easier to navigate. This has also made it faster and easier to submit the number of volunteer hours we have worked and the money we have invested in service.

On January 23, they unveiled changes to the global grant reporting section of the Grant Center. This is very important for those who pursue global grants. The report has been updated and its content has been aligned with the global grant application and the nancial portion will be much simpler to use.

There is a new initiative from Rotary entitled the Group Cultural Exchange program. This is kind of like the Rotary Friendship Exchange that brings together international teams of Rotarians, non-Rotarians, and young professionals. There is more information about this at the district level.

Finally, there is a reminder that it is not too early to start planning for your trip to the Rotary International convention in Toronto Canada. It is June 23-27 and looks to be a great time in a beautiful city. If you register by March 31, you will receive a discounted preregistration rate. So, for those who are planning to go, now is the time to register.

Well, that is it for the updates from corporate. I’ll keep you posted as I receive more information.

Editor – Scott Showler – Edition No. 30, February 1, 2018

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