Spoke Newsletter – 16-01-2020

Spoke Newsletter – 16-01-2020


HEIDI MAYER joins us again to update the Club on the important work of YouthHope in our community. According to youthhope.org, “The organization was established in 2009 to build confidence and promote selfsufficiency for homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth, ages 14-24, by providing trust, hope, support, and education. YouthHope was established to provide a support system for youth in a safe and caring environment so they may grow to be healthy, self-sustaining adults.”


What an amazing service is provided for the letss fortunate of our community by Refresh & Renew with the opportunity to take showers. VERNON HOFFS and his small army of volunteers can be found at The Holy Name of Jesus, Columbia Street location on Monday mornings, and Family Service Association on Thursday mornings.


Take a trip down Redlands’s “memory lane” with a look at A.K. Smiley Public Library’s Redlands Home Movie Preservation Project. NATHAN GONZALES will share how the project works and some of the fun and interesting people, places, and events that Redlanders captured on film from the early 1930s to the late 1970s.


Congratulations are certainly due to our own LYNN WHITMER on her fantastic achievement as Redlands “Woman of the Year”! LYNN joined the Rotary Club of Redlands in 2014, and has certainly made her mark with the Club and for the betterment of Our Town. Doesn’t it seem that Rotarians win this award more often than not? It’s not because there’s some secret inside “star chamber” of Rotarians doing the choosing, it’s because ROTARIANS ARE AWESOME.

Please give a warm welcome to one of today’s guests, VINCE WATCHORN. VINCE is the great-greatnephew of Lincoln Memorial Shrine founder and donor, and honorary member of the Rotary Club of Redlands, ROBERT WATCHORN. Most recently serving as the Head of School at Providence Country Day School in Providence, Rhode Island, the Delaware native is currently enjoying a much-deserved and better-late-thannever “gap year”

It takes some nerve as a President-Elect to not only miss club, but actually LEAVE THE COUNTRY for the election of directors and offices for his term as our President. Surely that will cost JOHN TINCHER many $$$$$$$ to assuage his guilt!


“Peace Starts with You” is the theme for the 2020 Rotary World Peace Conference, held this coming weekend at the Ontario Convention Center. According to PDG and Conference Convenor Rudy Westervelt, ““The mission of the Rotary World Peace Conference 2020 is to bring together experts with solutions to major issues that are occurring in our personal lives, homes, schools, businesses and communities, not just in Southern California, but around the world. We are inviting leaders from health care, academia, government, public safety, religions, business, and communities to meet together to share the solutions presented by experts. The format will allow for action plans to be developed such that real and measurable actions can be undertaken when attendees return home.”

Today we honor two “Students of the Month”. What a great way to recognize the outstanding youth in our community.


By now most of Rotarians are back from the holiday break. We strive and work towards our new goals for 2020 with our career and personal lifes. Whether it’s staying healthy, traveling spending more time with family we all have new goals and challenges to strive for. Let Rotary be a part of those goals. What would you like to get involved in? What areas of service are you interested in? If you haven’t been a part of a committee or project, make 2020 your year to take action.

Today we recoginize our Students of the Month and with just a few months away, we will start interviews for our student scholarships. I encourage you to get involved in this process. It’s exciting and remarkable to see and meet these students and learn about how hard they have worked to get where they are today. Scholarships are the largest part of what we give to our community. It’s life changing to be a part of the proceess. See CHRIS WALKER to get details.

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