Spoke Newsletter – 15-08-2020

Spoke Newsletter – 15-08-2020


Esri’s COO, DON BARRY will provide our presentation next week. He appears to know a thing or two about managing large, complex projects that span the globe. Although the geographers and programmers get all the GIS glory, we know that they can’t do their work without the foundation provided by operations. You want a server to play on? You want to bill for and collect revenue? You want to make sure the utilities are paid? You want to hire top talent? I’m sure DON’s team makes that happen smoothly.


District Governor BARRY VALDEZ encouraged us to have fun! Membership will follow and has followed. Although the pandemic has cancelled many events, i.e. RYLA Camp, PRYDE Camp, Rose Parade, Foundation Gala, there are still other fun activities and opportunities to serve. October 10 is the Motorcycle Cruise for Polio. You don’t even have to have a motorcycle or tattoos to participate. January 8-10, 2021 is a Mexicali Weekend trip to support an orphanage and help the Fontana Club deliver a fire engine. There will be a Roast at Barry’s house. In addition, the next Foundation Gala/District Meeting will be on a cruise ship. Check out the new website for more details.


SHIRLEY HARRY will present on the Rotary Foundation. SHIRLEY has been a local realtor for over 40 years. She is a dancer and supports the arts through collection, advocacy and support through various organizations. She is a past president of the YWCA, the United Way, the Cultural Foundation, P.E.O. and Rotary Club of Redlands. SHIRLEY has been honored as Redlands Woman of the Year and Inland Empire Magazine has honored her as Redlands Citizen of the Year. She has been honored as one of Town and Gown’s Women of Distinction.


BILL HATFIELD interrupted our guest speaker for an important announcement last week. STAN WEISSER provided a last donation that put Rotary way over the top in the Family Services Food Drive contest.

  • Rotary        4,660
  • Optimist    3,238
  • Kiwanis      1,008
  • Total          8,906

The big winner is all the people Family Services feed.


SHIRLEY HARRY’s 61-year-old son, John, recently succumbed to cancer. LYNN WHITMER is inquiring about donations.

STAN WEISSER is on the mend from surgery. ELLEN is taking care of him and attempting to have him recover peacefully. Nevertheless, he is actively serving others from bed (certainly with ELLEN’s support).

PAT MEYER is at home dealing with an infection. Once that is cleared, he will undergo surgery.


WE WON!!! That’s right. Once again, we proved that you can’t beat a Rotarian for outstanding service to the community. Together the clubs raised a total of 8,906 lbs. (nearly 5tons) of food for Family Service Association of Redlands. Heres’ the breakdown:

Rotarians 4660 lbs.

Optimists 3238 lbs.

Kiwanians 1008 lbs.

My sincere thanks to STAN and ELLENWEISER who, because of health issues, contributed their pallet of food at the last minute, helping us win by more than 1,400 lbs. And special thanks to BILL HATFIELD for directing this important project and for doing the heavy lifting (literally) of moving the food from the showroom to Family Services. I’m also grateful to, President TROY MOLAUG and other members of the Sunrise Rotary Club for their assistance in this success story.

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