Spoke Newsletter – 12/21/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 12/21/2017

Heidi Mayer, the Executive Director of Youth Hope, gave us an update on the activities and focus of Youth Hope. It is their mission to build confidence and promote selfsufficiency for homeless, runaway and underserved youth through providing trust, hope, support and education. Youth Hope is located in Redlands and unfortunately is finding that the need is increasing with more and more young people seeking their assistance. The organization is in need of monetary and in kind (particularly boys/men’s clothing) support.

A holiday festivity is scheduled for today with a number of Rotarians demonstrating their epicurean talents. In addition to wonderful food, there will be holiday music that will help get us all in the spirit of the season. Please remember that spouses and significant others are invited.

As the year comes to an end, the program for next week is still a work in process. It is on good authority (DENNIS HANSBERGER) that the program will be excellent as always.

Ireland is the home of a wide number of Christmas traditions that are steeped in the Gaelic and Catholic heritage of the country. I have it on good authority from our resident leprechaun BERNIE O’PREY that among the Irish traditions are the Wren Boy Procession which is acknowledged with parades in Dublin and other locations and culminates with the visiting the houses of friends. The Candle in the Window is another Irish tradition that symbolizes a welcome to Joseph and Mary as they wander in search of lodgings. The widespread practice of placing a ring of Holly on a front door started in Ireland. Holly was one of the main plants that flourished at Christmas time and gave the poorer population means with which to decorate their homes.

UPDATES AND EVENTS A big thanks to Pres. A.J. BEECHKO, Pres. Elect JOE HORZEN, JANE DREHER, DICK ROMO and MEGAN BARICH for the work in painting whatever didn’t move at Community Park last Saturday. From the pictures I saw, it appeared that both Joe and Dick were auditioning to become part of the Blue Man Group Las Vegas, as both appeared to have more blue paint on themselves than on the building.

The annual serving of dinner to the Purple Turtles took place Monday night under the always able guidance of STAN WEISSER with more than 40 Rotarians and family members participating. Thanks to DARWIN BARNETT and members of the Great Y Circus for providing the evening’s entertainment. A good time was had by all.

Last week’s recognitions included BILL HATFIELD being named as one of Time Magazine’s Dealer of the Year nominees. Congratulations Bill. Perhaps JIM PINDER should be recognized for his weekly delivery of coffee to our members at lunch. Jim was easy to spot last week as he was the one wearing a necklace of flashing Christmas bulb lights – ho, ho, ho. Our students of the month awards were presented last week to Jacqueline Nguyen, Athziry Armas and Bernice Vergas. The quality of the recipients continues to amaze – how is it possible to have a 4.75 GPA?

May each of us continue to live The Four-Way Test and put service above self during the holidays and throughout the year. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

The Rotary Spirit of Christmas As we look around we see the Spirit of Christmas everywhere. In fact, we have been looking at it since Halloween. It hit me when I walked into Lowes and saw Christmas decorations on the walls in October. Then of course we were in full swing the beginning of November. Our biggest shopping day is black Friday followed by cyber Monday.

But this week I personally experience the Rotary Spirit of Christmas first hand. It began with five Rotarians (led by JOE HORZEN) taking a Saturday morning (and a little bit of their afternoon) painting a bathroom at Community Park. The laughter, the fun, the feeling of accomplishment made it all worth it. Then on Monday night the Spirit continued with the “Purple Turtles” event. Over a dozen Rotarian and some families joined our leader (STAN WEISSER) at the Elks Lodge serving dinner to a wonderful group of special needs people. The YMCA provided entertainment (thank you DARWIN BARNETT) so an exciting time was to be had by all. Then on Tuesday evening JACQUI LANIER focused the Red Wine and Brews group and thanked each of them for the contribution to date.

So, as I look forward, it has become clear to me that the Rotary Spirit of Christmas continued all through the year. Many of you take time outside of our Thursday lunch to get involved in our community events. By doing so, you keep the spirit of giving alive.

So as we celebrate the holidays and close 2017, my family and I thank you for the honor of serving as your president, and we wish you a safe holiday and a prosperous 2018.

Editor – Doug McAdam – Edition No. 24, December 21, 2017

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