Spoke Newsletter – 12/17/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 12/17/2015

Last Week

World traveler, photographer, Rotarian John Mills gave us a riveting first-hand examination of a place on earth we seldom think about but must be thankful for, the numerous islands of Vanuatu. The many complexities of these small islands are as much a concern for us today as when they were a fortress of American military power. A tropical cyclone, corruption and opportunists have threatened the future of these island inhabitants but as John reminds us, we can stop or end an apparent disaster by thoroughly understanding the problem first.

This Week

Ara Norwood will explore the relationship of our 6 Founding Fathers (Franklin, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton) with their parents, their intellectual accomplishments, and their take on the subject of slavery. This is a riveting, inspiring look at the Founders and is sure to stir a sense of patriotism in the hearts of those who hear it.

Next Week

Rotarians will have a well-deserved time off on Christmas Eve to reflect on the greatness we have done this year. From handing out dictionaries to eradicating the planet earth of the most dastardly terrorist Polio. December 31st (New Year’s Eve) will be our next meeting with a surprise announcement of our presentation no member will want to miss.

Purple Turtles Welcome Santa’s Helpers

December 14 was the Purple Turtles Holiday Party at Redlands Elk Lodge with many Rotarians incognito wearing their festive holiday event clothing. The celebration details regarding this traditional party will be a grand topic of discussion today as Rotary’s custom of good deeds is always welcome news for breaking the seasonal ice with our new members.

Upcoming Events

January 15th and 16th – Rotary World Peace Conference 2016. The New Year may be a few weeks away but even more important is when Rotarians come together to solve a major problem that affects us all. As Rotarians we all promote world peace but it’s a never-ending task that requires our diligence to get it done. Join the effort along with many of our fellow Rotarians this January 15th in Ontario, CA.

Famous Quotations

“Rotary is the horse-play that provides comic relief in the midst of our too-serious days.”

Birthday Quiz Preparedness

In March 1962, Rotary Club of Redlands dedicated itself to promoting parks in general. After raising $9,000 ($67,734 adjusted for inflation) this park was originally named Reservoir Canyon Park. Who is the park named after today? A: Isaac Ford.

Reverse Engineering Spectacular Attendance

Rotary Club of Redlands Founding Fathers have their own rich history and reference which is expertly documented by Ralph E. Hone in the esoteric classic “Rotary Club of Redlands, California 1920-1988”. The most startling fact this relative newcomer revealed was the high level of attendance back in the day: 95%! This was done in large part by the stinging spotlight of the “Hooky-Wheel” and other draconian measures necessary to elevate us to the heights of greatness we are today. A careful examination of past member genius will clear up any doubts regarding how this magic was executed. With a full three weeks of down-time make sure to pick up this excellent autobiography of our club for a third or fourth reading prior to any new year resolutions.


It’s hard to believe that the year is almost halfway through! The holidays are always a good opportunity for introspection and self-reflection. Have we done all we can to serve our community in a positive way? Have we accepted those different from us, that we can understand myriad points of view? Are we working toward plans that can help achieve world peace? I hope that every Rotarian can answer each of these in the affirmative.

And this evening, don’t forget the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with other Rotarians at the Lincoln Memorial Shrine, 7pm. We’ll provide some dessert-y things, you bring your beverage of choice to share!

Whatever tradition you follow, please make the very best of it for you, your families, and all those with whom you come in contact. Peace on Earth – Goodwill toward all.

And see you on New Year’s Eve!

Editor: Mark Heideman, December 17, 2015 No. 23

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