Spoke Newsletter – 12/14/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 12/14/2017

JOHN TINCHER entertained us with his life’s history from Van Nuys to Redlands with various and sundry stops in between. It sounds like it has been a life well lived with vocations including the ministry, planned giving and consulting to not-for-profit entities. The vocations have been located throughout the United States, but what goes around comes around and John always ends up in Redlands and Redlands and our Rotray Club is better for his civic contributions. JOHN PATTERSON regaled us with ways we can make charitable contributions to our favorite charities (Rotary Club of Redlands Foundation comes to mind) in a tax efficient manner. Scott Showler asked about Bitcoins, but fortunately time ran out before John could answer.

Heidi Mayer will discuss Redlands based Youth Hope today. Youth Hope was established in 2009 to address the needs of homeless, runaway and underserved youth in our vicinity. We will learn today how Youth Hope goes about providing the trust, hope, support and education for this segment of our population. Hopefully we will learn how we can support its mission.

VICTORIA MARSHALL with the support of other club members has a holiday festivity planned that not only includes wonderful foods personally prepared by these talented individuals, but with expected musical accompaniment. Make sure you bring your holiday spirit and a good appetite.

Last week we learned a little about holiday traditions in New Zealand. This week we turn our attention to the celebration of Hanukkah. Hanukkah otherwise known as the “Festival of Lights” tells the story of the Maccabees. When the Jewish people reclaimed the Temple in Jerusalem, they only had enough oil to light the Temple’s Menorah for one day. However, somehow the little oil they had miraculously kept the Menorah alight for eight days. This year Hanukkah is celebrated from December 12 through the 20th with plenty of food such as latkes (fried potato pancakes) accompanied by apple sauce or sour cream and sufganiyot (deep fried doughnuts filled with strawberry jams). Happy Hanukkah.

Remember this Saturday, December 16th at Community Park from 9:00 am – noon, JOE HORZEN will be bringing enough blue paint to paint anything that doesn’t move. All you need to do is show up and help out. Community Park is located on E. San Bernardino Avenue and Church Street in Redlands.

If you have more questions regarding Hanukkah, please check with STAN WEISSER on December 18th at the Elks Lodge on New York Street where he will be overseeing our annual get together with the Purple Turtles. Plan on arriving around 5:30 and enjoying the serving of a holiday dinner to the Purple Turtle attendees. This always fun events brings happiness to a special group of individuals.

The date for our sponsoring a symposium on human trafficking is set for April 14, 2018. More information to follow from DAVE MAUPIN. MICHAEL BOSMAN is the individual to see regarding the Winemaker Dinner on March 8th. There is no truth to the rumor that JIM “WIKIPEDIA” NOLIN has agreed to hire himself out to the birthday table for the rest of the year. After his stellar performance at last week’s birthday quiz, PRES. AJ should be pleased that the rumor was false, as the Club may have found it necessary to make payment to the birthday table members rather than the other way around. Jim have you thought about Jeopardy?

Thanks to SANDY BENTLEY for updating us on membership activity and expectations for our club. A goal of 10 new members has been established over the remainder of the Rotary year. We can all do our part in achieving this goal. PRES. AJ should check with our new member JIM KNOX regarding his escapade racing in the Baja 1000. While his vehicle of choice wasn’t a Buick from BILL HATFIELD’S fine establishment, it was a GM product.

Holiday Lunch
Hello everyone. Our Rotary Club meeting Thursday December 21 promises to be a very special event. We invite you to join us and bring your significant other for a fantastic holiday meal. But, to make sure we plan correctly, we ask you to let us know if you are coming and if you are bringing someone. We’ll have some form of signup sheet at the badge table coming soon.

We have a great meal planned to include a fantastic prime rib with mashed potatoes, and of course an appropriate vegetable (I think string beans). VICTORIA MARSHALL, SANDY BENTLEY, and CAL BOOTHBY will be an integral part of the cooking team, and if they get enough calls, they promise not to let me near the food. Many of us will also be getting there a bit early to help decorate the place and bring in the Holiday spirit. If anyone can join us to help, we would really appreciate it.

One other idea was to bring a bottle of wine to share with their table if you so choose. We will have wine glasses available. Might make any fines I levy that day more interesting. As part of the festivities, Chris Walker has invited a few of our past recipients of our scholarships to tell us what the Rotary Award meant to them. Victoria Marshall has invited members of the Moore Middle School Interact club to talk to us about their club and how our sponsorship is taking shape at their school.

But wait, the most exciting news is that after lunch we will be entertained with Holiday music by “Pianos Plus” that includes Mary Lou Jones, Nelda Stuck, and our very own Sally Rehfeldt. For those who have heard this trio perform, I sure you will agree it will be a real treat. So please join us on December 21, for a very special Holiday Lunch.

Editor – Doug McAdam – Edition No. 23, December 14, 2017

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