Spoke Newsletter – 12/11/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 12/11/2014

Lifelong Redlander and fellow City of Redlands employee Mario Saucedo will give us a presentation about the North Redlands Visioning Committee. Among his many accomplishments Mario is the spouse of our own Maria Saucedo.

Retired UCSB Professor Kim Clark and our own Rotarians Pat Hoag and Dave Maupin presented a fascinating PowerPoint program entitled “Mt. Kilimanjaro: From Redlands to the Roof of Africa”. The trio were three of a team of seven intrepid climbers who recently made a five day hike, which concluded with an ascent to the summit of the famed Tanzanian landmark. We learned that Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain that is not part of a mountain range. The climbers, ably assisted by a team of porters, were able to assault the summit in relative luxury (“This was not a Motel 6 trip”) and left nothing behind, not even human waste. By limiting their time on the summit itself, the climbers avoided problems associated with oxygen deprivation. Obviously having difficulty adjusting to being away from the podium, Past Prez Jim Pinder returned to the spotlight with a short “bonus presentation” ostensibly about polio plus but which relied heavily on images of his own trip to Africa. Jim detailed the incredible progress made by Rotary in wiping out polio and urged members to consider a yearend gift to Rotary International.

Our Club holiday(s) party will take place at the regular Club meeting on the last Thursday afternoon of the month, December 18th, at our usual time of 12 noon. Chef Steve has planned a special holiday meal for us, so please bring your significant other(s) and join us for a lighthearted afternoon of good food, camaraderie, and entertainment provided by the choral group from Citrus Valley High School. Please let Past Prez Cal Boothby know how many guests you will be bringing by the end of our club meeting on December 11th, so we can be sure to have adequate food and place settings. President Jim is also in need of volunteers to help decorate our Masonic Hall meeting room for the party.

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Christmas parade attendees last weekend were surprised to see the parade led by a Hatfield Buick sporting a large Kiwanis Club logo. It was followed by a fire truck beautifully festooned with dec- orated Christmas trees. Surprisingly, it was from Laguna Beach not Redlands. To be fair, some of Jeff Frazier’s vehicles did make an appearance later. Speaking of Hatfield Buick, this swanky new Lacrosse was spotted trans- porting a formerly prominent Rotar- ian to last week’s meeting. Perhaps the unknown owner could benefit from one of our complimentary dic- tionaries. Megan Barich and Lynda Schauf were among the post YMCA Home Tour celebrants spotted at the mid-century modern home featured in last week’s Spoke. Darwin Barnett reports that the home tour was the most successful yet. Please be kind to president Jim Nolin who is still dealing with the disappointment of being passed over for a spot on the Rotary International Rose Parade float. Seems they went with a more photogenic Temecula Valley president to represent District 5330 instead.

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Led by the irrepressible maven of merriment. Stan Weisser, al- most 2 dozen Redlands Rotary Club members and their spouses help serve Christmas meals at the annual Purple Tur- tle’s holiday party at the Elks Lodge on Monday night. Meanwhile, Joe Horzen’s Redlands Unified School District dictionary distribution project continues this week. As the close of the year approaches, typically Rotarians consider their benevolent giving for the year. On particularly good years as this one has been for many, we look for opportunities to make a significant difference in this world. No better organization than the Rotary International Foundation can be found that will make such a difference. From prevention and treatment of disease, to Peace Scholarships which promote peace in a world that sorely needs it, to water for safe drinking or crop production, to education and literacy or maternal and child health, to Ambassadorial Scholarships, the Rotary International Foundation simply can not be beat when you are looking to make that significant difference in people’s lives around the world. Please consider a year end gift to the Rotary International Foundation. You did! For further details, see Chris Walker.

District Governor Shab Elawar is hosting a party for all District 5330 Rotarians: “You are cordially invited to join Bricia and I at our home for an Open House from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on New Year’s Day, January 1. Everyone is welcome! We will have drinks and hamburgers and hot dogs, and anyone can bring anything to BBQ, or anything to share with others. Bring your kids for a large picnic with everyone. Our home is the last home against the national forest which will allow us to have a long fire road that everyone can bring something to ride up the hill. The address is 5075 David Way in San Bernardino. Anyone who wants to stay for a card game is welcome. We have three homes and it is a chance for everyone to see two rare glass homes.”

Redlands own Landon Donovan won his record sixth MLS cup on Sunday. December 7th of course will always be remembered as Pearl Harbor day. The next day President Franklin Roosevelt delivered his famous “Day of Infamy” speech and asked Congress to declare war on Japan. What significant World War II event occurred days later, on December 11 1941?

One thing that struck me after last week’s meeting, apart from the terrible time management of your President, was the tremendous variety and number of opportunities for service promoted and performed by this Club, our members, and our affiliated organizations.

Maria Whittaker-Saucedo, Jan Sherman, and I were up early last Thursday morning at Lugonia School reading and feeding at Breakfast-and-a-Book. Later that morning, my wife and I delivered dictionaries to excited 3rd graders at Highland Grove Elementary as part of the Club’s annual literacy project. In his report during the lunch meeting, Thomas High of Citrus Valley mentioned the holiday shopping trip he and his fellow COMPACTors took with the challenged adults of the Light & Power Company the previous week. Past Prez Stan “Merriment Maven” Weisser again recruited fellow Rotarians to the wonderful “Purple Turtles Party” service project for many of these same adults (we had a great turnout and big fun as usual, by the way). Outgoing Prez Laura Muncy of the U of R Rotaract Club reported success in their fundraising to purchase super-durable wheelchairs for the needy in other countries, and introduced the incoming Club cabinet that will carry on with another international project next year. Immediate Past Prez Jim Pinder showed an audio-visual presentation of his trip to Benin, Africa to personally inoculate local children against polio, and reported on the amazing progress Rotary International has made on that very important front. Pat Hoag reported that, after finishing the grueling climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, he stuck around Africa for a while to perform some dental work for the local people in need. Service Above Self, indeed!

All the opportunity in the world won’t get service to our community done unless we take advantage of it with action. We can be proud that RCOR and linked Clubs deliver!

Editor – Don McCue – No. 22 – 12/11/14

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