Spoke Newsletter – 12/10/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 12/10/2015

Last Week

Fortnightly Club contributor Stephan P Stockton presented us with a wonderful and unique history of “Swimming Pools of Redlands”. Our knowledge of local history was enhanced by learning how attitudes have changed in our town, the school teacher who promoted that change, the technology and archeological evidence that shows how “The Plunge” was filled and drained by our own “Sanky”, the most useful of irrigation ditches. These days the town of Redlands still enjoys the Fifth Avenue Swim Club while the others are public swimming pools of Redlands that aren’t there anymore.

Service Above Self Perpetuates

With generous intentions the following new members have volunteered to abide by the Four-Way-Test and join us in our efforts to raise money and improve the world.

Roger Stafford, Owner of Stafford’s Discount Carpet, Inc.

Ashley Gaines, Interim Foundation Director, San Bernardino Community College District Foundation

Joseph M. Vadnay, also exhibited his commitment to the club and became a member just prior to Thanksgiving Break. Welcome Joseph!

This Week

This December 7th coincides with today’s topic of potential disaster by Rotary Club member and fellow photographer, John Mills, who will present “A case study on Vanuatu: Can 1st world nations help 3rd world disasters”.

Next Week

Ara Norwood of “6 Great Men” will speak to us about the US Founding Fathers (Part 2)

Corn for Thought

Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly. They lit a fire in the craft, it sank, proving once and for all that you can’t have your kayak and heat it too.

Rotarians Spotted Amongst the tiny elves at the Christmas Parade

The Christmas Parade was a spectacular success as it was in length with appearances by many rotarians who are well known by us all and need no further mention (Jim, Darwin, Harry and possibly many more).

Older than Dirt Rule

President Nathan Gonzales has made it very clear that the fewer Rotarians that show up at meetings, the more pain there will be for those who gather. To boost our membership records a Rotarian can make up an absence by attending any of the following: Rotaract Meeting, Interact Meeting, A Rotary Fellowship. R.I. District Event including District Committee Meetings.

Upcoming Events

December 14 – Purple Turtles Holiday Party, Redlands Elk Lodge. Enjoy serving our developmentally disabled adult friends for one of the great events of the year!

January 15th and 16th – Rotary World Peace Conference 2016. I know several of our members are already attending and this is a time when we need peace more than ever. Let’s show how to solve complex problems by being the solution.

Redlands Heros

In this world full of disasters, sometimes life becomes threatened and we are faced with acts of violence. But when our Emergency Rescue, Fire and Police Departments appear, the rescuers become heros. Rotary Club of Redlands recognizes them for their steadfast courage, bringing safety to the people, rescuing the casualties and comforting the victims. We stand by our Police, Fire and Rescue workers that they remain committed and wish them boundless reward for their deeds. Let us all bless them with joy and good fortune this holiday season and beyond.

The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred 74 years ago, December 7th 1941. It was an attack without provocation, during a time when we least expected it. On that day we were told by our President that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. A few years later we won the war based on that mantra and the brave men who sacrificed their precious lives in exchange for our survival. Let us remember that day and bless our armed forces to become invincible warriors for the preservation of peace.


(and doubtless many others) deserve huge recognition (not financial!) for taking proactive roles to help our community in the aftermath of last week’s tragedy. We should all be heartened and reassured to know that members of our club continue to lead, even in the face of adversity.

On a happier topic, LET’S PARTY! It’s time for our Club to come together and celebrate the holidays. This year we’re going to change it up a little – Thursday, December 17, 7- 8:30pm at the LINCOLN MEMORIAL SHRINE – dessert and wine (and less-spiritous beverage)! Bring your spouse or a friend and come down to enjoy fellowship with each other. The only cost is to bring a bottle of something you won’t be embarrassed to be associated with to share. We’ll provide small desserts, glasses, a corkscrew, and festive music! I’ll pass around a sign-up sheet today so we can get a guestimate on how many glasses and desserts we’ll need. If you can’t make today’s meeting but are planning to come, just shoot me an email at ngonzales@akspl.org. Remember, ‘tis the season!!

Editor: Mark Heideman, December 10, 2015 No. 22

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