Spoke Newsletter – 12/04/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 12/04/2014

Dark for Thanksgiving

Dr. Ralph Kuncl , President of the University of Redlands, delivered a PowerPoint presentation about developments at the local institution whose emblem shines afar. He spoke highly about the value of independent higher education, asserting that it’s more affordable than people think. In comparison with public institutions, for example, it is much easier to complete a degree in four years at dear old U of R.

Retired UCSB Professor Kim Clark and our own Rotarians Pat Hoag and Dave Maupin will present a program entitled “Mt. Kilimanjaro: From Redlands to the Roof of Africa”. Apparently they were three of seven intrepid climbers who recently ascended to the summit of the famed Kenyan landmark. Not content with that, there will also be a short “bonus presentation” from Past Prez Jim Pinder on his personal journey overseas to vaccinate Third World children against polio.

Mario Saucedo will give us a presentation about the North Redlands Visioning Committee. Rumor has it that Rotarian Maria Saucedo had something to do with securing this speaker.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 8.21.55 AM
This Monday, December 8th is the annual Purple Turtles holiday party at the Elks Lodge on New York Ave. This Rotary tradition is designed to support some of our community’s developmentally developed adults. Dress festively (red sweaters are de rigueur), and show up about 5:00 PM. We’ll mingle and serve until about 7:15. Per illustrious President Jim” If you’ve done this service before, I know you’ll be there. If you haven’t, you should.” Check with merriment maven Stan Weisser for details.

Our Club holiday(s) party will take place at the regular Club meeting on the last Thursday afternoon of the month, December 18th, at our usual time of 12 noon. Chef Steve has planned a special holiday meal for us, so please bring your significant other(s) and join us for a lighthearted afternoon of good food, camaraderie, and entertainment provided by the choral group from Citrus Valley High School. Please let Past Prez Cal Boothby know how many guests you will be bringing by the end of our club meeting on December 11th, so we can be sure to have adequate food and place settings. President Jim is also in need of volunteers to help decorate our Masonic Hall meeting room for the party.

Joe Horzen’s dictionary project began this week and will continue through next Friday. Rotarians ranging from Bill McCalmon to Lynn Whitmer will be distributing complimentary dictionaries to 11 schools in the Redlands Unified School District.

HEARD AROUND THE TABLE (by paid informants since your editor was out-of-state)

In keeping with our Kenyan theme, the mystery of Dennis Hansberger’s absence has been solved. Informed sources report that he and Karen were in rural Kenya on a medical relief trip organized by A Better World Canada.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 8.21.45 AMDon’t be surprised if Nathan Gonzales is missing in action this Thursday. He may be attending to last-minute details, making sure his midcentury modern home, which is also a designated Redlands historic resource, will be ready for its close-up during Sunday’s Redlands YMCA Home Tour. A sneak preview of his stylish living room where many a libation has been quaffed is pictured below.

In other YMCA news, sources tell us local automobile big wheel Bill Hatfield has deigned to take charge of the Y’s President’s Golden Circle, a group of high rollers who keep Darwin Barnett and his crew in the chips. Included among Bill’s cohorts is Janet Greenfield.

Seems as if it is all education all the time for our own Neal Waner. Just back from an educational field trip to Arizona, he has now been put in charge of a newly formed scholarship committee for the Redlands Country Club.

The MLS cup this Sunday will mark the last soccer game in the legendary career of Redlands’ own Landon Donovan, the greatest American ever to play the world’s most popular game. A few hard-core Redlands Rotary club footie aficionados may be in attendance. How many MLS championships has Landon won?

December is “Family Month” in the Rotary calendar. This seems appropriate since between now and the end of the year, most of us reach out to family members near and far in celebration of the holiday seasons of the world’s great religions.

The actor David Ogden Stier said “Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” This is a very Rotarian perspective. The whole idea of Rotarian service is to join with other members of the Rotary family and uplift the overlooked, needy, and disadvantaged. On an international scale, this can lead to conquering crippling diseases, lifting Third-world families out of poverty, or accomplishing many more life-changing tasks. On a more per-
sonal level, it also means that in a time of great challenges, you are only a phone-call away from anything you need from members of our RCOR family. The countless demonstrations of support and encouragement one receives from this family help more than you can ever adequately understand until you receive it.

That being said, why not use this month as an opportunity to invite your “traditional” family to join with your RCOR family? Invite your spouse, child, parent, sibling, or favorite uncle to a lunch and a program. Maybe they’d like to help out with one of our many service opportunities: Purple Turtles, Breakfast-and-a-Book, or the Dictionary handout. It would be fun, they’d be welcome, and I’m positive it will bring your entire family closer together.

Editor – Don McCue – No. 21 – 12/4/14

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