Spoke Newsletter – 12/20/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 12/20/2018

TODAY CHRISTOPHER GARDNER, San Bernardino County Public Defender will present a talk on issues facing his work in the world of defendants, courts, judges and juries, all under the carapace of the Law

Also today is our a annual Christmas and holiday Club dinner. Welcome to all of you. And may the joy and messages of the season bring abundant happiness to you and yours and your friends, and, maybe even to a few we don’t like….

LAST WEEK – SCOTT LACY presented a detailed and informative account of the complexities faced by Edison and other electricity providers. From state and local government regulations, federal requirements, and to the exigencies of nature, it is a daunting task. Fortunately electrical engineers as in SCOTT’S case are up to the challenge. He points out the PUC ultimately approves rates not the power company. Over 12 billion dollars will come from the Edison coffer over the next three years to update and modernize thousands of transmission lines and distribution poles. The Devers project in the eastern desert areas of Riverside and San Bernardino County will triple capacity of the lines. In answering some questions, SCOTT pointed out that solar is good but is only supplying electricity half a day (the other half being dark) and he also notes that undergrounding of lines is extremely expensive.

CORRECTION to last week’s write up about early Redlands electrical power development. It is good to have a newspaper publisher in our club. JERRY BEAN caught the editor’s error in discussing direct and alternating current and who nationally advocated which ultimately confronting the founders of Redlands Light and Power with a perplexing choice. So let the record be straight from the words by one of those founders, Fulton G. Feraud. Having secured water from Mill Creek, four young men who established the company, next turned to engineer A. W. Decker of Pasadena who advocated “the use of Pelton water wheels directly connected in Electrical Generators, which would create Triphase Alternating current….” That’s the current we use now. They asked for bids from General Electric and Westinghouse “who refused to bid upon the plan of a Triphase system, all agreeing it was not practicable….” Decker advocated a system of generation already in place developed by the German firm Siemens & and Halske at Frankfurt on the River Main. After being asked, Siemens said “yes.” Suddenly the American companies reconsidered their refusal and ultimately GE installed the equipment. With pipe supplied by Hooker Pipe Company, water wheels by the Pelton Waterwheel Company, the transmission line from Roebling Sons Company, and poles by Russ Lumber and Mill Company, the “first long distance transmission in the United States” of Triphase power came about in Redlands. N.B. It is embarrassing when a historian forgets to go back to the original source for information. Thank you, JERRY for the lesson.

NEXT WEEK – This is one of those occasional mysteries that defies the editor’s investigative reporting. No word from President JOE HORZEN, nor from Board members VICTORIA MARSHALL, A.J. BEECHKO, STEVE DAVIS, BEV NOERR, SANDI BENTLEY, MARK HEIDEMAN, MIKE BOSMAN OR JOHN TINCHER nor news either for program chair NEAL WANER. The mystery is even deeper than who might be the speaker….and that is the question of whether there EVEN is a meeting because of an epidemic of ”holidayitis.” Stayed tuned, all may revealed today.

PURPLE TURTLES – STAN WEISSER reports that 125 people attended the Rotary sponsored dinner at which many of you served, decorated, entertained and extended a greeting described by him as “a heart-warming experience.”

Congratulations to our STUDENTS OF THE MONTH. LEW NELSON presented in his delightful manner the students with their awards and noted there were indeed high achievers. The audience winces were palpable when LEW noted that one of the students held at 4.9, the highest GPA in the district. I remember being thrilled with a “C” in Algebra II. Congratulations to SHANA TADHA-REV, ANGELIKA GONZALES-ORANGEWOOD HS, KAELA K. EVANSCVHS, and JOANNA GONZALEZ-RHS.

HEARD ON THE STREET…. At a reception for high rollers, TOM CUTLER opined on how exciting are the possibilities for the historic Asistencia site now that the Redlands Conservancy owns it…STEVE DAVIS seen at the first performance by the Redlands Symphony of a Christmas concert based on Dicken’s Christmas Carol… ROBERT HEINZE enjoying the hospitality of a Town and Gown holiday event at NATHAN GONZALES’S Watchorn Lincoln Memorial Shrine…DAVE MAUPIN seen at all of the above and at more events in town….had lunch with some of JIM NOLAN former University of Redlands classmates… interesting stories, JIM.

PRESIDENT’S COLUMN – The last meeting of the year! As we all gather for our last meeting before Christmas and the last meeting we will have for the year, let’s all be thankful for the wonderful food we have today as well as the great company of our loved ones and fellow Rotarians with who we get to enjoy it with! Looking back on the first half of my year at the podium I am already impressed with how much this club does! From Breakfast and a Book to most recently at Purple Turtles, the help this group of Rotarians provides to the local community is off the charts! I am looking forward to the second half of the Rotary year when this club really kicks it into high gear and does even more!

Editor—Larry Burgess—Edition No. 24, December 20, 2018

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