Spoke Newsletter – 12-19-2019

Spoke Newsletter – 12-19-2019


We welcome members of the CITRUS VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL CHROAL GROUP. Our program chair, JULIE MICHAELS, has a special relationship with the group, and she will tell you about that in her introduction. As we listen to the beautiful music together, let us rejoice in the opportunity we have each week to know a diverse number of people and to reflect how much


A brief program about Christmas past in California’s history was presented by LARRY BURGESS. Ranging from a Christmas Eve Trek with the Anza Expedition during the Spanish period of California 250 years ago to a booster holiday greeting from sunny California to those east, who were buried in snow, from more than 90 years ago. In between he presented an account of Redlands co-founder Frank Brown and his horse Doll. A deep snow in Big Bear halted dam construction in 1882. It also prevented Doll from heading home. She was fitted up with specially made wood snow shoes, trained on how to walk with them, and made alone the 25 mile trek back to Redlands and Brown’s barn.

Frank Brown with beard on the left , sits astride “Doll” his loyal horse and companion


Dark. Many of you will have will have had your Christmas celebration, maybe observed Boxing Day, and went back to work.


Dark. You have celebrated New Year’s Eve, and, the next day of a new year of football games, gatherings, and contemplations of where 2019 went. And, some of you may share the editor’s view that 2020 seems an awful lot like 2019 except with a different number. And don’t forget those New Year resolutions. The editor rarely makes one nor keeps it. Unfortunately, he boldly announced some years back that he would make the bed every day. It stuck. And, he is stuck. Be careful of what you wish….

NB. JULIE’s theme for programs in January reflects “resolutions and your health.” In February it is “love.”


Each month we are impressed with the quality and bright future of our high schools and the students they send us for recognition. The have stars in their eyes and aim high in telling of their future hopes and goals. Equally impressive area those members who volunteer to chair the committee and read the material presented about each student. MIKE BOSSMAN, handed an unexpected curve when was informed at the end of the proceedings by a guest counselor at the lunch table that there was a student yet to be honored, heard a soft murmur in the audience. With unperturbable demeanor, after the counselor offered her cell phone to MIKE, with aplomb read about the student’s achievements. Grace under the unexpected is a salute to MIKE’S reign as chairman.


Aloha from the island of Kona! I although I am not here to wish you a happy holiday in person, trust me that I’m thinking of all of you today and wishing you and your families the best of the holiday season. See you all next year!

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