Spoke Newsletter – 12-12-2019

Spoke Newsletter – 12-12-2019

Vignettes from California Christmases past will be presented as a holiday divertissement.


DON McCUE and LINDA SERROS spoke about the final design for MOR. Their informative message included details about the matching fund capital campaign, now passing $500,000, thus assuring a match for a total of a million dollars. In these remaining days of December, they tell us, circumstance augers well for more money and will move the giving needle toward a million dollars and to the ultimate goal of a $2,000,000 match! Serros is cochair of the museum campaign committee and works with DON, NATHAN GONZALES, and the Smiley Library trustees and its president BILL HATFIELD, stewards of the collections.


Choral music from talented students at Citrus Valley High School. Come in a good mood and be prepared to celebrate the holidays with your Rotary colleagues, the last such gathering this year. Yikes, soon it will be Lincoln’s Birthday and then St. Patrick’s Day, then Passover and then Easter… where has President Victoria’s year gone?


A recent photo taken by Spoke Committee chair ROY GEORGE captures stalwart supporter of youth, JIM NOLAN, with two recent high school awardees, Ms. Ramirez and Mr. Guzman.


SABINE ROBERTSION-PHILLIPS soon heads off to Florida to visit her college, football star son; her extended stay includes a family gathering at Christmas, and then, the wedding of her father. There is no word as to whether this leaves time for fun rides and cotton candy as Disney World….KYRA STEWART, executive director of Family Service, reminds us that the cold weather brings increasing need for warm clothing to those without means. She notes, “We collected more than 26,000 pounds of food, showing the amazing generosity, especially in the city of Redlands. Her agency serves more than 2,000 families. Family Service distributes coats at is Redlands office on Lawton St….CHRIS WALKER will head to San Diego for Christmas day….A cultural arts coup comes from BEV NOERR’S efforts at Redlands Bowl Performing Arts in collaboration with producer-director WAYNE SCOTT. In other words hatched by two Rotarians, we will see this coming summer at the Redlands Bowl a production of the Disney classic, “The Little Mermaid.” “Comparing the upcoming Bowl production of Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ to any other previous rendition is comparing apples to ARTICHOKES,” Scott SAID. “We have a unique opportunity to use the expanse and grandeur of the Redlands Bowl venue to showcase this heartwarming story in a way never experienced before.”


Welcome to our Holiday Luncheon! We hope you enjoy a holiday feast prepared by your fellow Rotarians As the holiday approaches it’s a time to reflect on our blessings. I have to say that I couldn’t be more blessed to have you all in my life, your support and friendship is a true blessing. I’m grateful for Rotary. Last week heard from Sandi Connell as she expressed her gratitude of all Rotarians for programs such as Rising Stars. The ability to recognize students who have pulled through their tough times and are currently on the right track deserve to be praised. Thank you Rotarians and Sandi Connell for your support throughout the year to make this happen. Last night, a group of fine club members joined STAN WEISSER with the PURPLE TURTLES dinner, thank you all for your service, a good time was had by all. Prez elect JOHN TINCHER will be stepping in for me next Thursday as I travel to the island of KONA with the family. We are just about half way through this term, so think about how you might want to help in the different areas of service for next year! Lets keep this club strong and thriving!! Happy Holidays to all.

Editor – Larry Burgess– Edition No. 21, December 12, 2019

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