Spoke Newsletter – 11/10/2016

Spoke Newsletter – 11/10/2016

Our own TOM ROGERS, who has been involved in bring much needed health care assistance to those in Ecuador, Mexico and Nicaragua for nearly twenty years, enlightened us as to his latest venture Nicaragua related addressing the issue of Type I diabetes. During one of Tom’s previous visits to Nicaragua he was approached by parents seeking assistance in dealing with Type I childhood diabetes which generally results in death by age 20 for those diagnosed with the disease. Tom’s involvement has included bringing together collaborating partners to assist in the development of a project that can utilize resources to develop a sustainable treatable approach to reducing the incidence of the disease in Nicaragua. A Rotary Grant request is being put together to provide funding to assist in addressing the issue and Rotary District 5330 clubs will be asked to assist in the necessary funding to get the project underway. Tom is to be commended for his ongoing effort to assist those in need. The Rotary Foundation stands ready to allocate needed funds and our contribution to the Rotary Foundation are a necessary component in making sure funds are available to address the issue.

MARIA CARRILLO, archivist at the A.K. Smiley Library will present today’s program that will educate us regarding the significant and meaningful role that women played in assisting the war effort during World War II. Some 350,000 women served in the U.S. Armed Forces, both at home and abroad during World War II. Included in this number were more than 100,000 Women’s Army Corps (WACs) as well as a sizable number of women serving both the Navy (WAVES) and the Airforce (WASPS) in various capacities. The subsequent changing role of women in the military and the workforce can be traced to their involvement in World War II.

San Bernardino County Sheriff JOHN McMAHON will join us once again to discuss the latest in law enforcement issues within our county and beyond. With the election results now in and several ballot measures dealing directly and indirectly with enforcement matters the program should be most enlightening.

WHAT’S UP Welcome to our newest members –
AARON ARES – a third generation Redlands’ native. Aaron, after completing his Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at Cal State San Bernardino, Aaron joined the City of Redlands as an inspector involved in the pollution area. Aaron’s outside interests include golf and cycling. Please introduce yourself and welcome Aaron to Rotary.

JULIE CUMMINGS – is 1st Vice President Regional Manager of Pacific Premier Bank. Julie has her MBA from CSU San Bernardino and MBA Graduate School of Banking from Furman University, Greenville, SC. Julie is a Board Member of the United Way and is involved in many other wonderful organizations in our surrounding community. Please introduce yourself and welcome Julie to Rotary.

It was recently noted in the FACTS that WAYNE SCOTT was beginning another season at the Life House Theater. Our club is blessed to have such a creative individual in our midst. Be sure to attend one of the upcoming performances.

PAT MEYER once again gathered the forces to improve the landscape of Redlands. Thanks to all who participated.

JOE HORZEN wants you – well actually Joe wants you to assist in delivering dictionaries to students of the Redlands Unified Scholl District. Please be sure to sign up for this most enjoyable event.

Mark November 15th as the date for PREZ. JAN’S fireside chat. The event will be held at Jan’s and Marvin’s house that evening and new Rotarians as well as “experienced” Rotarians are welcome to attend. PLEASE RSVP TO JAN HUDSON OR SANDI BENTLEY! We are in the lavender book.

Purple Turtles – mark your calendars – December 12th. Check with the recently absent STAN WEISSER as to the particulars. This is a most enjoyable event and one that brings much joy to the attendees.

With Election Day behind us, we are reminded that our right to vote was and continues to be a sacred hard earned honor. As we move forward as one nation to address the needs of the country and the world, let us not forget the words of Winston Churchill “Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time”. God Bless America.


Editor – Doug McAdam – No. 19 November 10, 2016

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