Spoke Newsletter – 11/06/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 11/06/2014

Today’s Program
It is indeed a pleasure and an honor to have our own member Harry John speak to us today. Harry, who has been a member since 1959, will tell us of his experiences during World War II. This promises to be an exceptional pre-Veteran’s Day program and you will not want to miss the opportunity to learn of one individual’s sacrifices for freedom.

Next Week’s Program
Dennis Spurgin will introduce our members to a Rotary International program designed to assist in famine relief in blighted areas around the world. The program is up and going in designated areas and expansion of the program is underway. The program utilizes peanut butter as a food that can assist in reducing famine.

Last Week’s Program
Ben Moudry, Head of School at the Grove School in Redlands presented an interesting program about Grove. The research and teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori is incorporated into the Grove School’s curriculum and mission. The Grove School opened in Redlands in 1998 and is a public school that provides a first-rate education to over 200 students. The Grove High School is one of approximately 15 Montessori High Schools in the United States.

Today’s Menu
Another epicurean delight will be found today as our menu consists of the following: Chicken Piccata with rice pilaf, Italian bread and followed up with chocolate almond biscotti. Also the best salad bar in the Inland Empire will be available for those who wish.

Redlands Sunrise Rotary Club
The30th Anniversary celebration for the Redlands Sunrise Rotary Club, hosted by the Rotary Club of Redlands, was a big success. Our noon meeting was highlighted by the attendance of the1984 presidents of the two clubs. John Tichner, who served as the initial president of Sunrise reminded us of his 14 month tenure as president (Jim Nolin’s 4 months only seems like14 months). Gene Poma, our Club’s president in 1984, regaled us with stories during his year as president. As Gene pointed out, one of the factors that resulted in the formation of the Sunrise Club was that our club, with 180 members, simply could not accommodate everyone at the meeting (especially when we had many visitors). In those days our club’s attendance at the meeting hovered around 90% and thus you can understand the challenge.

The evening event was an enjoyable opportunity for members of the two clubs to socialize and re-connect. The Sunrise Club was duly recognized for its service by two proclamations – one from the City of Redlands and one from the County of San Bernardino.

Veteran’s Day Parade
Next Tuesday, November 11, the Veteran’s Day Parade is scheduled to take place. Please check with Nathan Gonzalez to add your assistance in making this event a success.

With appropriate acknowledgement to the Redlands Daily Facts, you know you have been a member of the Rotary Club of Redlands for a while if you remember Ed Fisher hoping that his 80+ year old son wouldn’t make it to his house on Saturday so that he could mow his own lawn. Also you might remember that Ed and his younger brother went to their birthplace in England when both were in their 100s. Can the longevity be attributable to our Thursday lunches?

We sometimes think of traditions as stuffy, serious, and formal things that command deliberate respect and sober observation. Then, there are Rotary Club of Redlands traditions.

If you were fortunate enough to attend last week’s meeting and meet former Rotarians John Tichner and Gene Poma, you might have heard Leroy Hansberger mention in his introduction something about a “club-within-a-club” entity from years past. Past President Larry Wormser recalls the formation of a non-authorized sub-club formed during 1977-1978, “The Year of the Worm.” The club was known as “AAASPS” for the “American Association of Average Sized Persons.” To qualify for membership, the Rotarian had to be 5-foot,-2-inches tall or less. It was founded by one of our past members, whose name is now lost to antiquity. The treasurer was known as the “HAAASP” and our Lutheran Pastor, member Jack Forster, served as the Chaplain, or “JACKAAASP.” Gino Poma was in charge of collections and enforcement- the RAAASP – and so on. President Worm later appointed one of our 6-foot, 6-inch members as the AAASPS mascot. There were about ten members subject to constant fines, as much as $5.00 each time!

As we celebrate the recent milestones for our Club and the Sunrise Club, it makes me appreciate the other traditions celebrated (more or less) in our recent and distant past, and going forward. If you don’t remember or have forgotten, ask some of the more seasoned members to recollect some of the former RCOR traditions, like “Scooter Passes” and camping songs.

Editor – Doug McAdam – No. 18 – 11/06/14

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