Spoke Newsletter – 12/03/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 12/03/2015

Fortnightly Paper Contributor Steve Stockton takes us on a tour of our own backyards as we discover the unique character of “Swimming Pools of Redlands”.

Two Weeks Ago
Redlands Family Services Association was founded in 1898 by Alfred Smiley and was located on 114 Vine Street. This and much more was presented to us by Family Services Association Executive Director and recent Blue Badge member, Kyra Stewart. The success story and the relevant multi-choice free-for-all quiz was a great treat for all who responded. With nothing but good news to report, the meeting was adjourned on a hight note for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Next Week
Rotary Club of Redlands member John Mills will present “A case study on Vanuatu: Can 1st world nations help 3rd world disasters”.

Birthday discounts harder to come by
It’s possible you noticed our Birthday Preparedness month of November was a fiasco of financial gain and loss for Rotary and our contestants. The “birthday game questions” may have seemed purposefully difficult as our best minds could not postulate the puzzling posers. Perhaps our President Nathan Gonzales, in his position of leadership to greater prosperity, never far from a pocket dictionary/thesaurus, actually knew the answers himself or if he just made them up? Our Sergeant at Arms and Rotary Treasurer are satisfied with the answers, but it is the questions themselves with which our birthday celebrants take issue.

April 2nd mark your 2016 calendars!
The year ahead is getting closer and Red Wine and Blues Committee members are at work with new ideas and fresh concepts to deliver a more spectacular event than ever. Committee members are excited to report the wine and cheese at the meetings are excellent and are sure glad they were given this assignment. How can Rotary Club of Redlands top a sold out event from last year? Red Wine and Blues leaders David Wilson and Sandi Bently are keeping a tight cork on the early details.

Rotarians at Work on the Orange Blossom Trail November 21

Being “this close” to eradicating Polio, a combined force of senior and new members spearheaded the not-so-difficult job of enjoying a beautiful blue sky morning planting a variety of foliage along the soon-to-be opened Orange Blossom Trail. Single-handedly fertigating every transplant and leading the charge was Past President Pat Meyer who brought the entire project under control within 90 minutes, leaving behind a beautiful new bike path and a surplus of breakfast burritos. If you want to see the handiwork of Rotary Club of Redlands efforts, you can travel east from Judson and the railroad tracks, or just look anywhere around town.

Upcoming Events
December 3 – “Touch a Truck” Committee meeting for the June 11th event. If you’re in attendance reading this you’re in the right place after the bell.

December 8 – The third meeting of the Red Wine and Blues committee. The meeting will be held at 127 E State Street from 6pm until 8:30pm.

December 14 – Purple Turtles Holiday Party, Redlands Elk Lodge. Enjoy serving our developmentally disabled adult friends for one of the great events of the year!

January 15th and 16th – Rotary World Peace Conference 2016. Let’s start 2016 off the Rotary way by peace building. With 59.8 million people displaced because of political conflict this year’s World Peace Conference is more significant than ever. Be a part of the Rotary International solution by attending this very important conference.

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone. I hope that each of you were able to spend it with those you hold dear. I just learned that a friend of mine on the east coast passed away this morning, an unfortunate reminder to always take stock in all we have and do – how much we really have for which to be thankful.

As we move into the holiday season with full force, I’m thankful for everything that we do for our community, both individually and as a club. The great service project in which many participated for the Orange Blossom Trail a couple of weeks ago, the upcoming times with Purple Turtles and Light and Power, the third grade dictionary project, and Breakfast and a Book are all things we do which enrich our community more than we can know.

So thank you for all you do, and don’t forget to have a little fun along the way…

Editor: Jim Nolin, December 3, 2015 No. 21

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