Spoke Newsletter – 11/02/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 11/02/2017

LAST WEEK Mayor PAUL FOSTER enlightened us with all that has happened in our fair city in 2017, and what we have to look forward to in 2018 and beyond. There was a long list of tasks completed in 2017, a shorter list of priorities for 2018, and a half a dozen long term challenges that keep our elected officials up at night. Of special interest were his comments about ESRI in its desire to attract and retain highly educated, and mobile, millennials which is driving the development of the businesses and living area in the downtown core area. In listening to Mayor FOSTER, one sees how blessed we are to have his ability, commitment, passion and vision for our community.

TODAY TOM BRICKLEY and DAN HENDERSON of the Inland Empire Salvation Army will talk about the services they provide to our region.

NEXT WEEK Dr. RICHARD HART, President of Loma Linda University will share all that is going on with our neighbors to the west.

Breakfast and a Book is a great way to connect with elementary kids, read them some fun stories, and watch their faces light up as they get to take a book home to keep. The standing schedule is the 1st Thursday of the month is Lugonia Elementary, final Wednesday of the month is Franklin Elementary. See JIM NOLIN for more details.
Would you rather help older children? Say, 7th graders? PRYDE stands for Personal Rotary Youth Development Experience, and is a couple day, leadership program located at a camp ground in the local mountains attended by 7th graders from throughout District 5330. If you want to be part of a transformational experience for young teens, consider being a Tribal Elder, which is a counselor. Training for counselors will be Saturday November 18th. PRYDE is December 9th and 10th, see http://pryde5330.com/ for more information.

FLU SHOT TIME If you want a flu shot, sign up today and show up next week, November 9th at club. Are we to thank Redlands Community Hospital for doing this once again? If so, special thanks to our own JIM HOLMES and JAN OPDYKE. Speaking of Redlands Community Hospital, rumor has it a significant event to support their new Emergency Room is about to go public, and they were able to enlist a couple of their highest profile and longest tenured board members to co-chair the effort. Tip of the hat to fellow Rotarians BILL HATFIELD and STAN WEISSER for once again answering the call to help a treasured asset in Our Town.

PRESIDENTS COLUMN What a wonderful Sunday we had at the Redlands Art Walk last weekend. There was no rain, the temperature was perfect for drinking beer and wine.
This week I want to give a big thank you to all those who came to support our efforts. Including: JIM NOLAN, CAL BOOTHBY, BARBARA OKEEFE, BEV NOERR, JOE HORZEN, JACQUI LAINER, BRUCE SATZGER, RON HELBRON, ED MALESKY, RALPH FILLER, BILL HATFIELD, LYNN WHITMER, GARY WHITMER, PAT MEYER, LYNDA SCHAUF, DAVID GAUTHEIR, JANE DREHER, DICK JONES, AARON ARES, and JEFF MARTINEZ. As you can see, it took many people volunteering their time to pull this event off. In the end, we had a momentous day grossing a little over $5,000. Over double what we did last year.

I want to give a special thank you to those individuals that came early and stayed late. Before noon we had to hunt down our tables and chairs, set up the booth for wine, make sure the beer vendors were set up, put up four E-Z Ups and get ice for all the drinks. Then after the event we had to pack our E-Z Ups and clean the tables. Some of the first shift crew came early for set up, and many on the last shift stayed to clean up. Then there were those who were there all day like CAL BOOTHBY, JIM NOLAN, AND JACQUI LAINER (who had the great idea of selling water, so she went out, filled her cooler, and brought it back). Others did double shifts. Plus, we had a very creative wine marketing team, lead by our resident urban planner, who made sure that there was not one drop of wine returned to our club.
Once again, thanks to everyone. I think all who participated had fun (or at least got free beer).

Editor – Neal Warner – Edition No. 18, November 02, 2017

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