Spoke Newsletter – 10/20/2016

Spoke Newsletter – 10/20/2016

DR. ART SVENSON, Professor of Government and the David Boies Endowed Chair.at the University of Redlands presented an energetic, interesting and humorous review of his time in China as a Fulbright scholar as well as his earlier attempt to win a Fulbright. His experiences in Chengdu with Chinese students learning about US Constitutional law, dealing with the lack of private space, pandas and the incredible heat of the food in the heart of Sichuan cooking. I think many of us would like learn more about his experience. Our own LORI RHODES, Superintendent of the Redlands Unified School District, will be our speaker. She will be sharing a “preview” of their new initiative called “Redlands Ready” which focuses on ensuring students are college ready. She will also be sharing some great academic achievement by some of our schools.

LARRY BURGESS with the research done by NATHAN GONZALES, our eminent historians and Rotarians will give us a presentation on “Haunted Rotary”. Expect humor, history and, perhaps, hysterics.

When we’re first inducted into Rotary we receive a copy of the Object of Rotary and we refer regularly to our posted banner of the Four-Way Test on the wall in our meeting hall but how many of us are familiar with the Rotarian Code of Conduct. It reads:
As a Rotarian, I will
1) Act with Integrity and high ethical standards in my personal and professional life;
2) Deal fairly with others and treat them and their occupations with respect;
3) Use my professional skills through Rotary to: mentor young people, help those with special needs, and improve people’s quality of life in my community and in the world;
4) Avoid behavior that reflects adversely on Rotary or other Rotarians.

Rotary has a long history of working for a better world. In addition to the work that today’s Rotary Foundation is doing around the world fighting diseases, eradicating polio, providing clean water, improving local economies, supporting education and promoting peace, our own club has a long history of supporting global issues dating back to the aftermath of World War II. According to Dr. Ralph Hone’s Redlands Rotary, 1920-1988, our club publicly approved of the establishment of the United Nations, provided early contributions to UNESCO and approved of the creation of the Atomic Energy Commission and was supportive of the Marshall Aid Plan to rebuild the economies of western Europe. As a former President of our club Charlie Baker use to say, “Rotarians are people who care doing things that matter”.

“If your plan is for one year plant rice. If your plan is for ten years plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years educate children. ”
OCTOBER’S CALENDAR (with a peek into November) October is Economic and Community Development Month

October 24th is Rotary International’s World Polio Day Live Stream Event. Information can be found at http://www. endpolio.org/worldpolioday. We all have the opportunity to watch Rotary’s World Polio event live on October 24th at 3:00 pm (our time) or the program can be watched anytime following the event by simply going to endpolio.org.

Set aside Monday October 31st for our next Breakfast and a Book at Franklin School. We ask that volunteers arrive at 7:30 AM and stay for at least an hour, staying for their Halloween parade that starts at the beginning of school. We will also provide books as usual. Breakfast will not be served.

November is Rotary Foundation Month. Put November 5, 2016 from 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM on your calendar for our District 5330 Foundation Gala at the Mission Inn.

We still need additional “Adult Beverage Dispersers” to volunteer! An update from AJ BEECHKO: We have Ritual and Escape beers. The plan for Ritual is to set up the beer and then leave it to us. Escape plans to have someone there to help us all day. For the wine, we will need to cover the booth ourselves. Of course we have the ticket counter that will sell tickets for cash and we will be using the “Square” for credit cards (we will use my phone). The price for everything is $5.00.

Setup will begin around 11:00 am as the concession opens at Noon. If some wish to get there early, I am sure we can use your help.

Editor – Lew Nelson – No. 16– October 20, 2016

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