Spoke Newsletter – 10/16/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 10/16/2014

Redlands Police Department’s Chief Mark Garcia will continue our update of city services. Able to join us via a variety of unique transportation vehicles, he’ll likely just walk across the street.

Next Week
What will probably be our best program of the year, our own superlative speaker, Lori Rhodes, Superintendent of the outstanding Redlands Unified School District; will talk about our top shelf schools. (The Editor might be biased.)

Last Week
The always informative and entertaining Chief Jeff Frazier of the Redlands Fire Department showed just how his department indeed Protects our Future while Preserving our Past. Established in 1889, just one year after the City was incorporated in 1888, Chief Frazier leads a respected organization of hard working men and women. Due to cutbacks the last few years, he discussed several partnerships with other agencies or volunteer groups to backfill services lost, or simply improve efficiency. For those of you who need to know when someone in stress is in your area, check out the new Pulse Point app.

Today’s Menu
This is Rotary, so this is the truth. The menu shows our lunch today will consist of Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, Home Fries, Fruit and Muffins. Before you set your palate, there is an asterisk on the main course. The bottom of the sheet reads, * Menu subject to change at any time.

Last weeks best Nolanism (or Nolinism) – We are pale, male and stale. – Jim Nolin

Ford Park Workday
Rotarian At Work shirts were prevalent at Ford Park this past Saturday, proving that we are not afraid of work that is neither glamorous, clean, nor fun. A special award goes to a group of men titled, “Yeah, I’m old enough to collect social security and I can still work harder than you”. The recipients are; Ron Helbron, Allan Griesemer, Jim Belote, and Dave Maupin, who outpaced even the UofR Rotaract kids. President Jim was concerned nothing of interest was found at the bottom of the pond until a couple of our Grove Interact students turned up the following.

Upcoming Social Activity
Something to help the Morning Rotary Club celebrate their 30th Anniversary. Slated for October 30th. More to come.

“(While) Rotarians differ in many respects, in two respects they are in perfect accord. First they believe that all nations are respectable and desire to be honorable in their dealings with other nations. That it is the privilege of all men to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience. In other words Rotary stands for TOLERANCE. Second they believe that all honorable vocations are entitled to recognition if they are used in the service of society.”
– Paul Harris Radio Address, June 27, 1933

As Vocational Service month continues, we should all be mindful of how Rotary founding member Paul Harris qualified one’s vocation or job classification as it pertains to the ideals of Rotary. Not only is the vocation to be honorable, but also should be used in service to society. As you look around the room at your fellow Rotarians, note the variety of occupational pursuits they represent. Then think of the honorable vocations not represented in our Club. Where are our veterinarians, civil engineers, optometrists, plumbers, police officers, audiologists? Maybe they’re out there just waiting for you to tell them about RCOR. The next time you use the services of an honorable professional in your business or professional life, please ask them if they might enjoy an opportunity to serve their community through membership in our Rotary club.

Editor – Neal Waner – No. 15 – 10/16/14

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