Spoke Newsletter – 10/09/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 10/09/2014

Our own Chief Frazier will update us on the state of the Redlands Fire Department. Come for the information, stay for the entertainment.

Next Week
Redlands Police Department’s Chief Mark Garcia will continue our update of city services. Whether he will be parachuting out of RPD’s airplane to make an entrance to the meeting is not yet known.

Last Week
City Manager Enrique Martinez made his third visit to Rotary since he started with the city in 2007 as he and the City Council immediately began balancing budgets, trimming the organization and building a larger reserve fund. Although work is never done in these two areas, Martinez discussed three challenges/opportunities facing the CoR going forward:

1. Flood Control, hard to get people to think about this important issue during a drought, but is critical to protecting citizens property and sales taxes revenues alike;

2. CoR Credit Rating, through sustained focus on balanced budgets and building an adequate reserve, this important status will help prepare the city to meet future challenges;

3. Enhance City Esthetics, enhancing city gateways, State Street improvements and Orange Street Alley greenway and repairing 12 miles of sidewalks are just a few of the projects that will expand city pride as well as attract businesses and customers. Even as all this planning for the future progresses, the CoR has already paved more than 110 lane miles of a planned 442-lane-mile street renovation project. Perhaps this is why in two surveys in 2010 and 2014, more than 80 percent of registered voters said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the service they are getting from City Hall.

Thursday’s “Best Lunch in Town” Offering
Sonora Chicken, Black Beans, Yellow Rice and Peanut Butter Cookies.

Family Services Event or Rotary Make Up – YOU MAKE THE CALL
The history between the Club and FSA is a long one and positive one, further accentuated by our newest member and FSA Executive Director Kyra Stewart. The recent attendance by Club members at the annual Dinner in the Grove was further proof (FSA Board members in Italics): Jerry Bean, Jim Belote, Nathan Gonzales, Don McCue, Jeff Frazier, Sabine Robert-son-Phillips, Larry Burgess, Dave Maupin, Stan Weisser, Zack Tucker, Bob Heinze, Neal Waner, Darwin Barnett, Jim Holmes, Bruce Satzger, Ray Watts just to name a few. Can I get a “Rotary Make Up” shout out from anyone?

This week in “Nolanisms” – I’ll take an entendre, make mine a double edition
“A little smack never hurt anyone” – Jim Nolan

Dates to Remember
Saturday, October 11th, Ford Park, 8:00 AM. We will join forces with the Sunrise Rotary Club and clean up the ponds. Speaking of Morning Rotary, come celebrate their 30th Anniversary on October 20th. More details to follow.

Vocational Service is not related exclusively to vocation, but also recreation. There are dozens of Rotary Fellowships where you can share a common interest in recreational activities, sports, hobbies, or professions with other Rotarians from around the world. Through Fellowships, members can further their vocational development with others in the same profession or field, and enhance their Rotary experience by exploring new opportunities and making international connections. Each fellowship functions independently of Rotary International, establishing its own rules, dues, requirements, and administrative structure. Membership is open to Rotarians, spouses of Rotarians, and Rotaractors, and all Fellowships must have an international scope, with active members in at least three countries.

See if some of these existing Fellowships resonate with you or other RCOR members: Amateur Radio, Antique, Classic, and Historic Automobiles, Authors and Writers, Beer, Curling, Doctors, Doll Lovers, Golf, Lawyers, Motorcycling, Old and Rare Books, Police and Law Enforcement Professionals, Quilters and Fiber Artists, “Rotary Means Business,” Shooting Sports, Tennis, and Wine are just a few of the many occupations and interests covered by Rotary Fellowships. If you’d like to expand your reach to Rotarians outside our Club, District, and country to share ideas, build good will and make better friendships, and share your passion with like-minded people, join or even start a Rotary Fellowship. For more information and a complete list, go to www.rotary.org/fellowships and join up!

Editor – Zack Tucker – No. 14 – 10/9/14

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