Spoke Newsletter – 10/02/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 10/02/2014

Redlands City Manager, Enrique Martinez, will enlighten us about projects, priorities and progress in our fair City.

Last week
Our Mayor, Pete Aguilar, gave us his perspective on projects, priorities and progress in our fair City. He discussed working across the aisle in the pursuit of promoting four priorities; the City budget and keeping the fiscal house in order, improving roads, parks and open spaces, encouraging business and new enterprises, and keeping our neigh-
borhoods safe. After talking about his current elected role, he transitioned into another potential political position he is seeking this coming November. He discussed how his experience here lends itself to that role and what those priorities might be.

Next Week
It should be our own Jeff Frazier, Fire Chief of the Redlands Fire Department. Or it will be Mark Garcia, Chief of the Redlands Police Department, with Chief Frazier following him. Are you seeing a pattern here? For the benefit of the red badges who might not have heard him speak, Chief Frazier is worth the price of admission just on his jokes and banter alone. Don’t miss his week especially.

Culinary delights
Today we will enjoy roast pork with gravy, whipped sweet potatoes, greens, corn bread with honey butter and coconut cream pie.

October is Community Month
During the month of October we will have heard from our Mayor, and will hear from the City Manager, then heads of our City safety departments; police and fire. To put icing on the cake, the final week we will hear from our own Lori Rhodes, Superintendent of the Redlands Unified School District. Wait, we missed a City department, the Library. Is that unfair? No, we keep Don McCue, Nathan Gonzalez, and Larry Burgess on standby to jump in on a moment’s notice for a program, which they do frequently, and they are so smooth the club doesn’t even know.

When it comes to the community, we could burn up a whole quarter having our own speak about their roles, past or present, helping public agencies. Dennis Hansberger could talk about San Bernardino County. Allan Griesemer with the help of Al Reid could talk about the County museum. Bob Hodges and Con Oamek, with the help of Cindy Andrews, Jon Scharer and Sabine Robertson Phillps could talk about running a school district. Lew Nelson probably has some interesting RPD stories. Mark Bulot could talk about water. Jerry Bean and Ross Jones could discuss what it’s like to be a City Councilman. Finally, Stan Weisser could cover State pharmaceutical boards, that is, between Sol and Sadie jokes.

Opportunities for Service
The next few weeks are the best times of the year to get outside and show how Rotarians put service above self. Originally scheduled this Saturday, October 4th at 8:00 AM, was the bench cleaning service project at the corner of Lugonia Avenue and Texas Street. Ron Helbron may have single handedly polished that one off by himself, Pres Jim will let us know today. Don’t put the gloves away, Saturday October 11th, probably 8:00 AM again, is the joint Rotary club project cleaning out the ponds at Ford Park. Bring an extra pair of shoes for that one. Tuesday, November 11th is the Veterans Day Parade. See Nathan Gonzalez about opportunities to volunteer at the parade as we celebrate Veterans, our club Vets included.

Well, Vocational Service Month is off to a flying start! Why do you suppose Vocational Service deserves its own “Rotary Month”? The answer lies in a basic principle stated in the “Object of Rotary.” Every member of RCOR who reads the Second Object on the plaque they were presented with upon joining will read that Rotary is to encourage and foster “high ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society.”

How do we put these ideals into action? We encourage members to talk about their vocation in the Club, and to take time to learn about fellow members’ vocations. We call upon our members to use their professional skills to serve our community. We are all bound by the Four Way Test to practice our profession with integrity, and should strive to inspire others to behave ethically through our own words and actions. We can help a young person achieve his or her career aspirations through participation in Rotaract, Interact, the Four Way Speech contest, Rising Stars recognition, or other as yet untried programs. We can guide and encourage others, Rotarians or not, in their professional development.

When do any of these things, we are performing vocational service, and vocational service is at the very heart of Rotary. All members are invited and encouraged to investigate and propose any way this Club can increase the performance of vocational service.

Editor – Neal Waner – No. 13 – 10/2/14

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