Spoke Newsletter – 10/18/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 10/18/2018

ARTHUR G. SVENSON is David Boies Professor of Government at the University of Redlands and a professional violinist. He has won numerous teaching and research awards from his colleagues and has twice been named Professor of the Year by the University’s Mortar Board Honorary Society. Art has received two Fulbright Awards, in 2011 and 2016, to teach constitutional law in China. During the Summer of 2018, and at the invitation of the Chinese government, Art was invited back to deliver a series of twelve lectures at Sichuan University in Chengdu.

Building on his 2018 experiencesin China, ART’S talk is entitled “Speaking Constitutional Law to China: A Lesson Learned.”

MARK BULOT provided an update of the history (established 1954) and current activities of SBVMWD. The SBVMWD is responsible for the importing of the water from the State Water Project for this area of the Inland Empire. The area of responsibility stretches from Yucaipa to Fontana. Important responsibilities include oversight of water rights of the Santa Ana River, water quality, recharge basins, movement of water from location to location within designated area along with a
number of construction projects.

Former Redlands’ Rotarian, Graduate of U of R and Now residing in Sedona, Arizona; It was good to have Mark visit with us.








Our own JIM HOMES with share with us regarding the Emergency Department Expansion at Redlands Community Hospital.

We’re pouring beer (and maybe wine) at Downtown Redlands Art Walk again this year, see Cal to sign up to volunteer (and drink)!

Downtown Redlands Art Walk is Sunday, October 28 from noon to 5 p.m. Street closure starts at 9 a.m. on E. State Street from Orange to 7th Street and 5th Street from Ed Hales Alley to Citrus. The event features local artists, musicians, food artisans, and breweries.

BARBARA O’KEEFE is soliciting song leaders for the first part of 2019. Please see her for signing up. John Mills doing a great job as song leader this month.

Friendly reminder, CAL BOOTHBY is working hard to get the Club Roster complete and printed. Get your updates in. Guests of ROTARIANS last week include SIDNEY BARNETT hosted by VICTORIA MARSHALL, THOMAS JACKSON hosted by CAL BOOTHBY and MIKE MILIAN of CalWest Bank hosted by DAVID MAUPIN. Well done Rotarians on bringing guests and sharing the mission of ROTARY!

Did you know?

How much were annual dues at the first Rotary Club?
There were no dues at the first Rotary Club. The group voted there would be no dues and all club expenses would be paid from 50-cent fines.

For how long was Rotary primarily a friendship and business reciprocity organization?
Only about two years; then the club added a third objective to perform civic service.

At the first Rotary Convention in 1910, keynote speaker Daniel Cady of the Rotary Club of New York told the audience that Rotary, then with 16 clubs, would have 1,000 clubs around the world within 80 years. When would Rotary add it’s 1,000th club?
The 1,000th Rotary Club was added in 1921, only 11 years after Cady’s speech.

In 1911 Paul Harris gave Chesley Perry a budget of $25.44 to complete a daunting task. What was the task?
To mimeograph and mail a new publication, The National Rotarian, to all 2,000 Rotarians in the 23 clubs nationwide.

The first five Rotary Clubs were Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle and Los Angeles. What were the first five clubs in this district?
Los Angeles (1909), Santa Monica (1922), San Pedro (1922), Inglewood (1923) and Downey (1924). 11

In this month’s issue of The Rotarian magazine, the future of peace is discussed and Rotary’s role in the United Nations. This served as a reminder to me the true global impact Rotary has made and continues to make in the present day. While my focus has always been my immediate community, I have to remind myself that there are opportunities to provide service above self to those I can’t even see as well. Through global grants using Rotary international or even participating in existing global grant projects such as Project Peanut Butter, we can make an impact worldwide and in our immediate communities!

Editor—Jan Hudson—Edition No. 16, October 18, 2018


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