Spoke Newsletter – 10-17-2019

Spoke Newsletter – 10-17-2019


Craft talks! CHRISTOPHER ALVAREZ (Redlands Chamber) and ROB CLIZBE (Christian Counseling) will dazzle the club with craft talks about who they are, what they do, and how they came to be in the best club in town!


Our very own LYNDA SCHAUF presented to us on travel and how to put together our bucket lists. LYNDA shared with the club the finer points of traveling she has learned since she began traveling in 1971 as well as pointers such as making a list first, then prioritizing it. She also encouraged the club to do as much as we can as early as we can, taking the most strenuous trips first while our bodies will still cooperate, not surprisingly following this point was also advice to do your international travel first, then travel domestic. Her presentation also reminded us all that traveling isn’t just about what you’ll see as there are also wonderful foods and experiences that we will remember for a lifetime to come.


We will hear from CESAR NAVARRETE, Executive Director with C.A.S.A of San Bernardino County. C.A.S.A.’s mission is to improve the quality of life for foster youth, juvenile care youth, and foster care alumni with stable and consistent mentoring, advocacy, and supportive services. Don’t miss this as it is sure to be an informative presentation!


No lunch meeting for club on October 31, 2019. Instead we will be having a sure to be spooky social event! Don’t come as a ghost cause we want to see you there!


October 27 – DTR Artwalk
October 31 – Social Event
November 23 – The Murder Mystery Dinner at the Fox Theater November 23, 2019. Don’t forget to get your tickets and tables to the upcoming Rotary Club of Redlands fundraiser which will fund ALL of our club’s scholarships this year!!! Given this will be the fundraiser directly related to our club’s scholarships it is going to be imperative we all attend and support to ensure we can continue our support of the community’s youth!! We are already looking for sponsors so contact JAN HUDSON and become a sponsor today! Or if not a sponsor, get yourself some tickets to what is sure to be a fun night!


Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.
Pumpkins originated in Mexico.
Original trick-or-treaters received mostly fruit and nuts, not candy.
Chocolate makes up about 75% of a trick-or-treaters loot, according to the National Confectioners Association. Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas.


So I googled “What is Redlands, CA known for” thisweek….here was the first result from google:
The first result reads:
It is the home of esri, the largest geographic information company in the world. The founder, Jack Dangermond, was born in Redlands. Redlands used to be covered in orange groves, which was a huge agricultural industry in its heyday, shipping oranges on refrigerated trains across the US. The city still maintain green areas full of orange groves, called “the Emerald Necklace. The public library, Smiley Public Library, is architecturally beautiful, and next door boasts the Lincoln Shrine, full of memorabilia about Abraham Lincoln.


We are 1 month away from our BIG event “The Most wonderful Crime Of The Year”, a murder mystery dinner. We need EVERYBODY to be a part of the committee! It’s easy, you can do that by inviting your circle of friends/ family to come and see what Rotary Club of Redlands does for our youth! If all 100+ members invited 1 – 2 people, that would bring us up to our goal of 230 attendees. It’s amazing to know that many rotarians of our club are not familiar with our youth programs & Scholarships, expenses, volunteer hours involved and better yet the positive outcome that these children get out of them. Our goal to to let ALL people (Rotarians & our community)know what we do and how they can help make these programs sustainable. I bet by educating our community we could even bring in new members. Let’s join together and make this event “The Most SUCCESSFUL event of the year”!

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