Spoke Newsletter – 10-1-20

Spoke Newsletter – 10-1-20


Yes, we are on our best behavior as we welcome Rotary’s District 5330 Governor, BARRY VALDEZ (cue applause and fanfare). Barry is a member of the Rialto Rotary club. Born and raised locally, he graduated high school in Fontana and attended Cal Poly Pomona for a short time before entering the family construction business. He has been in the construction industry for over 40 years. Currently he is the President of H & B Services, Inc. a general contractor serving the Inland Empire. Barry joined the Rialto Rotary club in 2007 and served as President in 2011-12. Barry is married to Mari and has sponsored six members of his family and four friends into the Rialto Rotary club. Barry believes if we make Rotary fun and make membership memorable our clubs will prosper and grow (we just might hear more about that today). Governor Valdez, we warmly welcome you the Rotary club of Redlands. 


Our guest speaker was HEATHER ROSS of Mission Assistencia. After a kind introduction by DAVE MAUPIN, and with a tip of the hat to our three resident expert historians (LARRY BURGESS, DON MCCUE and NATHAN GONZALES) she launched into a wonderful and nicely illustrated story about the Mission Assistencia in this new chapter of its life. What an amazing history of birth, growth, death, and rebirth by many influential individuals, families and organizations spanning 200 years. Our friends in the morning Rotary club have made it their new weekly gathering place. Great program Heather. 


We will hear from DON BERRY, COO of ESRI. Not only is Don a long time employee of ESRI, but he wears a lot of hats for ESRI and it’s owners. Speaking from personal experience, is a kind and caring individual, in fact, why have we not extended him an invitation to join our club? How he will choose his topics and how deep he will go will be interesting. It will be enlightening to see the world of ESRI and Redlands through Don’s lens. 


Providing our weekly invocation is a small honor you should consider trying. It is always nice to hear diversity yet respect for other members. As the invocator, you have the chance to express your own feelings about faith and deity in a way that does not tread on others. This was on display last week when DAWN MCCOY of the Red Shoe project offered a warm and inclusive invocation that showed clearly where she stands, and also her desire to help others and our community at large, which nicely leads back to our motto, “Service Above Self”. If you have never offered the invocation, take a stretch and give it a try, and yes, it is okay to prepare it in advance and read it. 


A couple weeks ago we touched on the job of Club Secretary, currently held by RALPH FELLER with its many club perks such as use of our club’s condo in Maui or Rotary stock options. Close to that both in responsibility and perks, is the job of Club Treasurer, currently held by CAL BOOTHBY and like RALPH, very long tenured. For CAL, imagine the joy of chasing down deadbeat Rotarians to get current on their dues, or scrimpy Rotarians who made a pledge for fines but argue they already paid them. Oh yeah, he earns those perks. Seriously, as any past president will tell you who was fortunate to have them in those roles, they are critical to the seamless side of operating our club, and we are fortunate to have them there. 


With wild fires seemingly all around us, it’s no surprise that our District Governor, BARRY VALDEZ has encouraged all Clubs in District 5330 to contribute, if possible, to the District Disaster Relief Fund. As you might imagine such a fund it critical to assist people who’ve literally lost everything. Your Board of Directors is pleased to announce that our Club treasury is forwarding $2,000 from our Club to support this project. If you’d like to participate personally you can do so by forwarding your check made out to the District 5330 Foundation and sending it to District Treasurer, Jamie Zinn, P.O. Box 2662, Lake Arrowhead, Ca 92352. Speaking of our District Governor, he will be with us today. Please make every effort to be present to show him how great we are as a Club. Normally we would stand as he begins to address us. However, Spoke Editor, NEAL WANER pointed out that doing so during a Zoom meeting could be disgustingly revealing. One might wonder what NEAL is wearing below that immaculately ironed shirt and tie. See you later today. 

Editor – Neal Waner – Edition No. 14, October 1st 2020

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