Spoke Newsletter – 10-03-2019

Spoke Newsletter – 10-03-2019


KASEY AND JULIA HAWS will share their experiences from living in Mexico for three years. Kasey is former Redlands mayor.


We heard from MICHAEL HENGSON and his experiences while in Tower 1 of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. As if the experience itself wasn’t impressive enough Michael informed us that he is actually blind and how this preconceived “handicap” helped him remain calm and assist the people around him that day. As he gave his presentation you could hear a pin drop at club and rightfully so. As his presentation wrapped up he also demonstrated for the club a new app for your smart phone which helps people who are blind by utilizing the camera on their phone and linking them to an operator who can describe their surroundings!


While the editor wasn’t able to track down next week’s program rest assured our program chair surely has an amazing program lined up and ready for us to experience!


OCTOBER – Rumblings are swirling that we will be having another amazing social this month!
NOVEMBER 23 – The Murder Mystery Dinner at the Fox Theater November 23, 2019. Don’t forget to get your tickets and tables to the upcoming Rotary Club of Redlands fundraiser which will fund ALL of our club’s scholarships this year!!! Given this will be the fundraiser directly related to our club’s scholarships it is going to be imperative we all attend and support to ensure we can continue our support of the community’s youth!! RSVP to DAVID GAUTHIER as soon as possible as seats are going fast!!


A cow-bison hybrid is called a “beefalo”
Armadillo shells are bulletproof
Cats have fewer toes on their back paws
That tiny pocket in jeans was designed to store pocket watches


So I googled “Is Redlands California a good place to live?” Here was the first result from google:
Redlands is in San Bernardino County and is one of the best places to live in California. Living in Redlands offers residents a suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Redlands there are a lot of parks. … The public schools in Redlands are highly rated.
Glad google thinks Redlands is as great as we do! I still think they undersold how great it is!


What a speaker last week! My take away was that no matter how we see the world, may not be the way a blind persons sees it. In fact, it all stems from the brain, how it receives the information and how we process it. Not only did Mike survive 911 and his ecapge from the twin towers but how he reacted was so different from how most of us would have reacted. He’s a true survivor with a great prespective on life. Dinner in the Grove (GYM) was a hit last Saturday. I saw many Rotarians, friends and supporters from everywhere. Great to see so many able to come out and support Family Services. Don’t forget WORLD POLIO DAY 10/24, bring your lose change and help save a child from POLIO. Art Walk is back 10/27, plan to come out and see Rotarians pouring beer. 10/31, our club is dark, our social will TBD.

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