Spoke Newsletter – 09/28/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 09/28/2017

MENU Chicken enchiladas with Spanish rice and refried beans. Chips and salsa and the infamous salad bar. Cake for desert since it is birthdays.

LAST WEEK GRAEME AUTON presented to us a general understanding of the crisis faced in the world today.

THIS WEEK NICHOLAS CATALDO will give us insight into the real life Wyatt Earp and his connection with family in neighboring Colton.

NEXT WEEK Oct 5, WAYNE SCOTT with a preview of the Lifehouse Theater Production of “Beauty And The Beast”

FOR SEPTEMBER All Rotarians appreciate members who are having a birthday this month. Happy Birthday to the following Rotarians:

FALL ART WALK EVENT October 29th 12 noon to 6:00 PM, We will be handling the beer garden again at Ed Hales Park. We will need members for set up 10-12 AM. We need members for 2 hour shifts starting at noon. Contact President AJ or Beverly Noerr.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Saturay, October 14, 2017 at 8am we need 20 to 30 Rotarians to volunteer for landscaping of the area around our beautiful new sign at Redlands Blvd and Ford Streets.

April 14 2018 at the ESRI auditorium at 9am – 3pm for the Redlands Rotary Anti-Human Trafficking Symposium.

Thank You Rotarians

The world is being held together by the actions of those who are performing Service Above Self. The joy and relief we create as Rotarians is felt all over the world.


Last week I took a bit of vacation and went to Vermont to visit with my mother with my wife Andrea. We left Thursday evening and I spent 5 lovely days running and fetching and preparing the house for winter. Andrea felt guilty, and as the good wife of a Rotarian, changed her ticket and spend an extra week with my mom. I will pick her up this evening with her certificate of merit in hand.

Last Wednesday I left Vermont to attend a fourday seminar at Florida State University in Gainesville on Entrepreneurship. I was there as an adjunct professor from CSUSB with 70 professors from across the country and overseas.

The reason that I bring the seminar up was that I found it interesting, that the main focus of the academic personal at the meeting was giving back something special to the students. One of the key points was that Entrepreneurship applied to all students in any discipline. Whether the student was studying biology, physics, engineering, or music, each student possesses the ability to take their idea and make something out of it. While there I thought about how many of our members have taken the risk, failed, and continued to take the risk again. Finally, after many closed doors you develop a sustainable business.

The other point I noted is how the professors really want to give back to the students. They were all about providing an environment to share ideas to send these young people out into the world to make change. It was something that they took very seriously. There were stories of successful students coming back to their community sharing their knowledge and finances.

This experience has helped me understand why Entrepreneurs make great Rotarians. You are willing to take risks and fail, and most importantly you understand the need to give back for the success you have gained

Editor – Mark Heideman – Edition No. 13, September 28th, 2017

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