Spoke Newsletter – 09/21/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 09/21/2017

* All-you-can eat salad bar
* Spaghetti with meatballs
* Italian squash
* Aromatic garlic bread
* Chocolate Temptation Cookies

LAST WEEK Rabbi Hillel Cohn gave us an enlightening presentation of how the values of compassion, kindness and mercy to all is a service which is necessary in these times. Rabbi Cohn’s wisdom has been a shining influence on the community surrounding San Bernardino and has been supported by members of Rotary for over 50 years.

THIS WEEK Graeme Auton Phd, Todays world political environment.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH WEEK! BILL HATFIELD will be stepping in for LEW NELSON while LEW is home recovering from his surgery.

NEXT WEEK Nicholas Cataldo, Wyatt Earp, Friends and Family in our towns 1880’s-1920’s

RED WINE AND BREWS NEWS Monday the RWB committee members kicked off the start of the next big funding raising event of the year! This year is being directed by our professional in party events JACQUI LANIER with members MARK HEIDEMAN, VICTORIA MARSHALL, LYNN WHITMER, CAL BOOTHBY, KEVIN CORREIA AND DAVID NEWMEMBER in attendence. The meeting was focused as is our tradition and much early progress is in motion.

* You run out of breath walking down the stairs.
* The waiter asks how you’d like your steak and you say: “Pureed.”
* You can’t get your rocking-chair started.
* ‘Getting lucky’ means finding your car in the Tesco car park.
* The Rolling Stones still look young to you. * You enjoy hearing about other people’s operations.
* The names in your little black book all belong to doctors.
* You need two attempts to drive over a speed-bump
* Your friends compliment you on your new alligator shoes when you’re barefoot.
* You’d like to be nostalgic but you can’t remember anything.

PRESIDENT’S CORNER LENDING A HELPING HAND This week JOE HORZEN will be leading our club meeting in my absence. I ask each and every one of you, please be nice…he is the president next year and we don’t want him to quit before he assumes office. If he does, then you could be stuck with me until we find his replacement.

To begin this week, I want to thank you for the massive support you have all shown for the flood victims in Texas. Two weeks ago, we raised $800 by passing the hat, coupled with another $1,000 from the club. As of this writing there may be a few more donations to increase the amount given to MIKE MCCUE for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. As MIKE told us at the meeting, our funds will go directly to those in need as he is personally delivering the money.

The last point I want to make this week is a focus on those sacrifices we make for our elderly family members. As Rotarians, we often place “service above self,” but that can be difficult when dealing with a family member that has dementia or is simply irritating. By the time you read this, I will have spent a week with my 95-year-old demanding mother who is a direct cause of my excess consumption of bourbon.

However, I ask each of you to pause during your frustration, and maintain that premise of “service above self.” Without you, these individuals become a ward of the County no matter how much money they have. Once the county becomes involved, then someone like me will represent them in court and the Judge might have no choice but to place them in a facility. Next, I tell them (while they cry or yell) that they can’t go home, but they must go to a place where strangers take care of them. This is a very sad thing to watch, and heartbreaking to do. So, I remind of each of us, that when we lend a helping hand, we do so for our family and friends as well as others that need our help.

See you next week.

Editor – Mark Heideman – Edition No. 12, September 21st, 2017

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