Spoke Newsletter – 09/18/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 09/18/2014

TODAY It’s time once again for Craft Talks!

LAST WEEK New York native and past business reporter for the Riverside Press-Enterprise JACK KATZANEK, Senior Director of Communications from the Inland Empire Economic Partnership, informed the Club about his read on the economics of the Inland Empire. Fortunately for the region, he sees evidence of a positive outlook for the Inland Empire in 2014.

University of Redlands alumnus and Redlands Mayor PETE AGUILAR will present a “state of the City of Redlands” program.

Be sure to wish BILL HATFIELD “bon voyage” before he leaves for Greece… Could it be that our friends at General Motors are over there trying to acquire Yugo to add to the lineup?

Get ready for the Rotary Flashmob Bench Cleaning service project! The Bus Bench clearance project will take place at 8AM on Saturday, October 4th at the corner of Lugonia Avenue and Texas Street. Bring your own rake, shovel, gloves, etc. Besides, it will be good practice for the big project the following weekend!

Speaking of the following weekend, the work on the ponds at Ford Park continues on Saturday, October 11. Time to wade through the muck – literally.

During the reign of PAT MEYER in 1996, the ROTARY CLUB OF REDLANDS participated in a great service project to benefit the City of Redlands. In recognition of Arbor Day, the Club planted a new orange grove at the corner of Barton Road and Nevada Street. Many notable members of the Club participated, including PAT MEYER, BILL MCCALMON, LEW NELSON, KEVIN CORREIA, BILL HATFIELD, LARRY BURGESS, and RON JEFFREY.

Get ready for Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, California Medley, the Salad Bar, and Chocolate Cream Pie. Time to refill that Lipitor prescription.

We Care
A special shout-out to JEFF FRAZIER who underwent knee surgery recently. In lieu of flowers, the Club may send a yet-to-be potty trained Dalmatian puppy with a big bow.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 11.19.42 AM

It would seem that semi-retirement is really taking its toll on CHRIS WALKER, as seen here, likely during one of PREZ JIM’S announcements…

The habit of collecting the occupation of each new member dates back to the earliest days of the organization when membership was restricted to one member within each “classification.” Today, job classifications alert fellow members as to who in the Club they may rely on for specific kinds of information and assistance. We are blessed with many members expert in many kinds of personal service, including real estate transactions, legal matters, dentistry, investments, and securing personal or business insurance to name a few. If an RCOR member needs help navigating the local health care system, or finding out how things work at the University of Redlands, or has a question on many government and civil matters, there is at least one person in the Club who can help them or at least put them in the right direction. In addition to our other many fine attributes as Rotarians and human beings, our vocational experience and expertise may be very helpful to our fellow Rotarians and the Club as a whole. I encourage each of us to ask what the person across the lunch table does or did for a living (it’s right on their blue badge), and let them know what you can do to help them, too. It’s another kind of service.

September 18, 2014 – No. 11 – Editor: Nathan Gonzales

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