Spoke Newsletter – 09/25/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 09/25/2014

University of Redlands alumnus and Redlands Mayor PETE AGUILAR will present a “state of the City of Redlands” program.

It’s always a great opportunity to learn more about our own members through craft talks. Last week, the Club heard from the newest dynamic members from the world of insurance. MEGAN BARICH talked about her work in health plans and life insurance (one naturally leads to the other…). VICTORIA MARSHALL enlightened everyone about her 21 years in Insuranceland perhaps most interestingly about “longevity risk,” a phenomenon created by advances in modern medicine and increased longevity in life.

Redlands City Manager ENRIQUE MARTINEZ will bring the Club up to speed on goings-on in Our Town.
ROTARIANS IN MOTION – PLANNING FOR VD That’s right, your Club is planning for our debut entry in the Redlands Veteran’s Day parade. So please mark your calendars now to participate on Armistice Day… now Veteran’s Day… on Tuesday, November 11. The parade begins at 9am, and we’d like to have a strong showing of support. If you’re a veteran, or just appreciate the sacrifice that veterans have made for our country, please contact NATHAN to help out.

Another moment for the Rotary Flashmob Bench Cleaning service project! The Bus Bench clearance project will take place at 8AM on Saturday, October 4th at the corner of Lugonia Avenue and Texas Street. Bring your own rake, shovel, gloves, etc. Besides, it will be good practice for the big project the following weekend, when our Club will work on the ponds at Ford Park on Saturday, October 11. Time to wade through the muck – literally.

For years members of the Club have joked about this chapter’s April Fools’ Day charter date – April 1, 1920 – according to the front of The Spoke. However, in reading through the official club history by RALPH E. HONE, The Rotary Club of Redlands, California 1920- 1988 – you know, the book that you were given when inducted and then billed for? – that date doesn’t appear. HONE wrote that the Club’s organizational meeting took place on March 12, 1920, but it was not chartered until April 27. An historical mystery? Perhaps noted historian LARRY E. BURGESS, BA, MA, PhD, MSU can shed some light on this quandary – or have we all been victims of a long-running April Fools’ joke?

Chicken Pasta Primavera, Garlic Bread, Caesar Salad, the Salad Bar, and Italian Cream Cake. It’s mmm-mmm good!

Aviators know that there are four factors that determine whether or not something will become airborne: lift, thrust, weight, and drag. The balance of these forces explains why anything that flies will or will not stay aloft and get to where it is supposed to, from a
canary, to an airliner, to the Space Shuttle. Realistically, every one of us has to personally balance lift, thrust, weight, and drag as we fly through life. If these forces aren’t in balance within us, we can overshoot our target and burn out fast, or drift along directionless at the mercy of the winds, or waste a lot of time and energy pushing against unyielding forces never make any real progress.

I believe one way for Rotarians to serve others is to help them to bring these forces into balance. People weighed down by life’s inevitable problems and challenges can be reinvigorated if we spend just a little time and energy to uplift them. A task that is impossible for one individual to complete can be accomplished if many hands join to make an effort together. Every act of service we perform, from the smallest to the largest, helps others overcome the weight and drag that is keeping them on the ground, and gives them a chance to fly. It builds good-will and better friendships, too.

P.S. Thanks to Joel Osteen for this metaphor.

September 25, 2014 – No. 12 – Editor: Nathan Gonzales

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