Spoke Newsletter – 09/17/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 09/17/2015

A sure to be riveting presentation on the Redlands Historical Museum (RHM) by President Nathan is on deck. He will be assisted by the lovely and talented RHM Recording Secretary – Marilyn Solter and RHM Corresponding Secretary – Linda Serros. Dr. Larry Burgess will be in the Bullpen in case Nathan needs a reliever in the late innings.

The Redlands Daily Facts building at 700 Brookside Avenue, which will soon be renovated as the Redlands Historical Museum, was designed by Redlands architect Benjamin Rabe. The building was completed and opened in July 1956 as the new location for the city’s daily newspaper. The building is 14,000 square feet, one-story concrete block structure, with ample parking and a loading dock.

The 1956 design featured space for the newspaper press, composing room, storage of huge newsprint paper rolls, ink vat and a large newspaper circulation area in addition to offices for management, reporters, and advertising staff. The center open-air atrium area features a wall fountain with specially designed tiles showing the history of hot-lead-type printing.
Don Pierce, Chief Investment Officer of the San Bernardino County Employees Retirement Association reviewed his role and provided insight into the complex world of high finance. The system is 80% funded and 70% of those funds are the result of wise investments. I would like to provide a more salient overview of Don’s presentation, however, frankly most of the concepts were flying by me like an Orel Hershiser fast ball. Perhaps Sean Lugo, John Patterson, or Neal Waner will conduct a remedial class.

This date in history:
1787 – The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia approves the constitution for the United States of America.
1862 – The bloodiest day in U.S. military history occurred at the Battle of Antietam when more than 23,000 were killed or wounded. 1920 – National Football League organized in Canton Ohio

Author and publisher Roger Freely will be joining us, Roger is a historian and re-enactor dedicated to bring public awareness of the crisis troubling museums in the United States. He strongly promotes saving and protecting museums and the history they hold. He has authored the book, “California’s Golden Museums and Historic Places,” in an effort to educate the general public of the important role museums play in our cultural past, present and future. The book is updated every three years and contains a wealth of information about museums in California.

Roger Freely is the owner of Freely Press. He is an author and publisher committed to writing books and articles on museums and historical sites and buildings. He has a Master’s Degree in History and Transportation from UC-Irvine.

Come to Breakfast and a Book! Starts at 7:05 a.m., finish up by 7:50 a.m. Meet in the Library at Franklin Elementary at 850 E. Colton Avenue on the last Wednesday of each month and Lugonia Elementary at 202 E. Pennsylvania Avenue on the first Thursday of the month (Except school holidays.) This is a great way to start your morning with service to others.

I was saddened to learn recently that one of our members – a Rotarian in several clubs since 1972 – re-
signed, seemingly because our club does not offer enough opportunities for service to our community. This is a difficult lesson to learn, but is an appropriate time for some self-reflection for our club. We’re good at writing checks, but do we really DO enough? Do you feel as engaged as you expected or want to be? I don’t know the answer to that question, but the whole board welcomes your thoughts.

I was going through the issues of The Spoke from 1958 to see if there was a write-up about LEROY HANSBERGER’s induction in honor of his birthday last Saturday. Sadly there wasn’t one, but I did come across something very interesting. In March, 1958, the club organized club-wide “Fireside Meetings”. Eight members hosted a group of 10-12 members at their homes, based around one of the then-four avenues of service – Club Service, Community Service, Vocational Service, and International Service. Each meeting had both a leader and 1-2 resource leaders, along with the additional members. Would creating a program along these lines help us to become more engaged with Rotary and our community?

And speaking of being more engaged, when is Rotary Bowling Night?

Editor: Jeff Frazier September 17, 2015 No. 11

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