Spoke Newsletter – 09/15/2016

Spoke Newsletter – 09/15/2016

NYRON MCCLEAN, former president of Rotary Sunrise Riverside, delivered a passionate, spirited sobering, shocking and ennobling account about the repercussions of the Haitian earthquake. He showcased a German film documenting the horror amidst the rubble with uncensored clarity. Then he proceeded to show how his self-actuated desire to help led to a personally financed first trip and then more with a team of physicians and volunteers. He has enlisted the support of his Rotary club and those within the District. It was a compelling and effective presentation about what “Service Above Self” can mean.

We welcome DAVE ALLEN, president of the Auto Speedway in Fontana. Observing its 30th anniversary in 2017, he will relate plans for the event. Hard to believe that it has been 30 years….

ANN LEONARD and the Compact Team. For 36 years ANN taught at the Redlands schools. She served as adviser to Compact at REV. She is a member of the Compact Steering Committee, a joint partnership between the Redlands Unified School District and the business community.

The social last Wednesday at TOM CUTLER’S emporium at 301 Cajon Street took place among the beautiful courtyard gardens. TOM’S wife JULIE lent her entertaining skills to the ambience of the occasion. While a large crowd did not materialize, those there enjoyed wine and snacks and good conversation. Some of the participants enjoyed it so much that they committed to a review of the four-way-test and elected to stay until 9:00 o’clock lest the wine spoil…ah, Rotary dedication….Make sure to attend the next one and have a great time…..Best wishes to LEROY HANSBERGER who observed his 98th birthday this past Monday. Active in our club since 1958 and president in 1964-5, LEROY personifies dedication to the Club and the goals of Rotary International. His continued participation and shared wit bears testament to the benefits of “clean living.” Welcome to our newest member STEFAN GEPHARDT. He adds to the youth movement within the Club.

JERRY BEAN, PRESIDENT of the Redlands Symphony Board, has wasted no time in plunging into the affairs of symphonic music for Redlands and the inland area. He’s negotiated a new lease for the Association’s downtown headquarters, awaits the first concert of the new conductor, rejoices with immediate past president DAVE MAUPIN about the successful #1 million endowment for the conductor’s position named for director emeritus, Jon Robertson (papa to the shy and retiring SABINE and to ZACH TUCKER’S Berangere). The opening tailgate party of the first game of the University of Redlands football team is this Saturday. Athletic Director JEFF MARTINEZ is setting a pace of frenzy for this event and then the game…. finally, CHIEF JEFF FRAZIER has cautioned many times about junk piled in homes where it may catch fire. A fire fueled by hoarding stuff led to such a fire and leveled the place. So, when a spouse says, “throw out that crap.” Better listen….

Since 1972 I have watched Rotary presidents and their boards attempt to end the perennial scooter problem. Sometimes it is only two or three people who leave before the program. Sometimes, it’s a small thundering herd stomping their way for the exit and then loudly exchanging banter as it echoes down the hall. Meanwhile, back at the podium, the Rotarian who waits to introduce has to endure the painful long silence, and the speaker wears that –what-is-it-that-I-haven’t-said -look on his/her face. The old “custom” was to excuse yourself to the speaker, explain the press of business and regret at not being able to stay and hear the message. Alas, decades later the social propensity to leave early from all sorts of events plays into the Rotary world. I have seen early exits at weddings, funerals, sports events, operas, theater, symphony concerts, the Redlands Bowl summer series, etc. So, it becomes in some member’s minds hard to justify ‘not’ leaving early. I have always been in sympathy with a one person shop: the bills depend on being open for business.

Having given over 2000 mostly free talks to various clubs and organizations up and down the state, I can tell you that it means much when people express their regrets and means even more when they stay and thank you. I have sat through many a talk that is marginal but frankly at this Rotary Club I have sat through many more that have enlightened me and made me better for the experience. Sometimes we all need to scoot: sometime. Reading the Spoke on line and electing to bolt because the program seems to hold little interest doesn’t cut it. Like passing up that second dessert, quitting smoking, paring down on alcohol, pushing away from the table, it takes discipline to shake “scooter syndrome.” Today might be someone’s beginning.

Fellow Rotarians How much do you know about Rotary History?
On 23 February 1905, Paul P. Harris, Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, and Hiram E. Shorey gathered in Loehr’s office for what would become known as the first Rotary club meeting.

Harris’s desire for camaraderie among business associates brought together these four men and eventually led to an international organization of service and fellowship. Let’s make sure we take the torch of Harris’

Editor – Larry E. Burgess – No.11- September 15, 2016

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