Spoke Newsletter – 09/14/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 09/14/2017

Salad bar, sub sandwich with Ham, turkey, chips and pickle. Chance of ice cream: likely.

PT McEwen, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club gave us the rich history, challenges and evolution of what began as a safe place for boys to grow to including girls and expanding programs for giving underpriveledged kids hope and opportunity.

Mike McCue of the San Bernardino Rotary Club shared with us images and stories of the devistation in Houston and how the money we contribute to ease the suffering will delivered directly by Rotarians.

Rabbi Hillel Cohn has served the Inland Empire and lead the congreation of Emanu El in San Bernardino since
1963. Rabbi Hillel will speak on what it is like to be a native of German and brought up in the United States as a refugee from Nazism. He will also speak regarding religious issues the roll that they play.

Graeme Auton phd will discuss the topic of todays world political environment with emphasis on international polical tensions.

The Red Wine and Brews Committee needs you! See Jacqui Lanier to assist in this challenging, rewarding and essenstial fund raising event.

Saturay, October 14, 2017 at 8am we need 20 to 30 Rotarians to volunteer for landscaping of the area around our beautiful new sign at Redlands Blvd and Ford Streets.

Once again Rotarians have demostrated the Four Way Test by giving from their hearts to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Thanks to the success of our club in raising funds through our various fund raising events we have the strength to help others. Thank you to everyone who is a member, donates and participates in our fund raising activities to help others in need.


Last Monday, we remembered the events of 9-11. I think that each one of us can recall where we were and what we
were doing on September 11, 2001. Andrea and I were waking up and getting ready for work. It was around 7:00 am when a friend of ours called and told us to turn on the TV. To our horror, we saw two planes hit the twin towers in NYC.

Not knowing if this was terrorism or some freak accident, we went to work at our respective jobs and continued to watch the news as the details of the act began to unfold.

A professors at CSUSB recounted the chilling facts and wrote …..On September 11, 2001 four passenger airlines were
hijacked by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists for suicide attacks. American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 flew into each twin tower in New York City. Within two hours, both towers collapsed. A third plane, American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon collapsing the western side of the building. The fourth plane, United Airlines Flight 93 was targeted for Washington DC, but crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania after passengers tried to overcome the hijackers.

Almost 3000 people died in the attacks including the 227 civilians and the 19 hijackers aboard the four planes. Firefighters and law enforcement lost 343 and 72 crew respectively. The rest were killed at the targets.

After the attacks, Wall Street was closed until September 17, civilian airspace in the U.S. and Canada was also closed until September 13. The World Trade Center cleanup was completed in May 2002 and the Pentagon was repaired within a year.

At first, Osama Bin Laden initially denied liability for the attacks, but in 2004 he claimed responsibility citing U.S. support for Israel, the presence of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, and sanctions against Iraq as motives for the attack. In response, the U.S. launched a major offensive in Afghanistan to depose the Taliban which harbored al-Qaeda. Bin Laden was located and killed in May 2011.

I’ll never forget visiting the site of the attacks during the clean-up period. The magnitude of the destruction was
horrifying. My sister-in-law’s brother (Evan) worked for Citibank corporate offices which was one of the trade center buildings (not the tower). We got to go up to a top floor and watch the clean-up right below us. Evan told us that sometimes the construction crew would stop and call the coroner when they would find remains. He also recounted the day of the attack. Everyone was ordered to evacuate their building, as they were
running out, he watched several people jump out of the towers and fall to their deaths. He told me he tries not to think about it anymore.

Today there is a beautiful memorial in NYC with reflecting pools and the names of the fallen. There are similar
memorials in Washington DC and Shanksville Pennsylvania. They exist to honor the fallen and remember the past.
May we never forget.

Editor – Mark Heideman – Edition No. 11, September 14th, 2017

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