Spoke Newsletter – 09/08/2016

Spoke Newsletter – 09/08/2016

JIM HOLMES delivered a tour de force on health care nationally and locally to the benefit of all his Rotary Colleagues. As president of one of the few stand-alone community hospitals remaining in California, JIM built his case in an even, non-partisan, intellectual, matter-offact business manner. His past as a Cal graduate and Ivy degree from Cornell, served as his baseline of delivery. With nearly 150 million Americans, out of 320 million, involved in some government, private and assisted health care, it is clear nothing is about to go away. To that, JIM stated that in the United States we emphasize health care and not social programs. In France, for example, it is the opposite. As a result we are living longer but getting sicker. Health care such as this creates infinite demand, ceasing only if you die.

Among his sage revelations: 1. ER expansion at Redlands Community Hospital is shortly to cost $20milllion for an expansion and an addition of two new operating rooms. It will separate the emergency arrivals from those who need urgent care, making for a better experience. 2. Yucapia residents are major customers at the hospital. 3. The RCH clinics in Redlands and Yucaipa treat patients with and without insurance and legal and illegal residents. 4. RCH has 1,600 employees, 400 affiliated physicians, 300 volunteers, and stands alone.

JIM’S bottom line for the future of medicine and its services: The market is a fair, tough mistress and you have to listen to her.

We welcome MYRON McCLEAN, president 2015-16 of the Rotary Club of Riverside Sunrise, who will discuss the training of medical teams in Haiti.

DAVE ALLEN, president of the Auto Speedway in Fontana. The speedway will observe its 30th anniversary in 2017

JIM NOLIN, channeling the spirit of the late, beloved club lyricist, RAY ROBINSON fired off a splendid volley of social satire aimed at former prexy NATHAN. Presiding for the day in Prez JAN’S absence, NATHAN was serenaded by his companions to the tune of God Save the Queen and to the lyrics by JIM: “NATHAN’S president for one more day. God Save the Club.” Congratulations to DOUG MCADAM for receiving his fourth Paul Harris Fellowship. That is the kind of commitment that pushes the service boundary of Rotary International’s Foundation goals. The social event at TOM CUTLER’S took place yesterday. Details will follow in next week’s Spoke. Thanks go to MEGAN BARICH for spearheading the event. Club member volunteers should mark their calendars for the upcoming Art Walk beer garden fundraiser for our Club. It is a most pleasant way to create service above self.

JIM BRASWELL entertaining in the Oak Room at the Redlands Country Club at a quite table in the back… JANE DREHER still riding the rails to Los Angeles for her consultant’s work…KEITH KASIN still running (marathon) these last years and becoming frighteningly healthy…for information on the school board race, NEAL WANER doubtless has the scoop…and the dynamic duo of SHIRLEY HARRY and LYNN WHITMER, continue to list and sell these multi-million dollar homes…what a windfall for the Club treasury.

When I first came into the Club in 1972, it was in typical Rotary fashion. BILL MOORE, the Facts publisher and president of the Smiley board, said that I should join Rotary. Never heard anything for weeks, save that he brought me to three meetings. Then, one day he told me I was to be inducted. That was it. Later as a member of the board and then later as President and then as a longtime member, I began to see the reason for the mystery. Sometimes, not often, but SOMETIMES, a person who is under scrutiny for proposal is objected to by some members. It is a fact of life. It happened twice during my tenure as a member. There is a reason for the quite, anonymous vetting period. It doesn’t embarrass the candidate and it doesn’t embarrass the Club. I shake when one of us through well-meant naiveté introduces a guest and says, “Oh Sally or Jerry wants to join. Or Mary is to be a member.” And, this before the vetting and the vote by the Board.

Loose lips do sink ships. Better to propose the member, let the process take its course, and rejoice on presenting him/ her at the meeting of induction

While we look as a club for projects to support we often look for fellowship and fun as well. These Rotarians have fund just the very way to do that via Beers Rotarians Enjoy Worldwide (BREW)!

Every day, 8,000 people die of waterborne disease. A group of Rotary members is committed to reducing the number of these deaths by providing clean water, and they’ve found a fun way to do it. Beers Rotarians Enjoy Worldwide (BREW) is a fellowship devoted to a love of beer and brewing. The fellowship helps clubs plan events around the world to raise money for global water, sanitation, and hygiene efforts. Way to enjoy a brewski fellow Rotarians!

Editor – Larry E. Burgess – No.10 – September 8, 2016

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