Spoke Newsletter – 09/04/2014

Spoke Newsletter – 09/04/2014

Today we hear from PAUL CHABOT. Born in Loma Linda, he began serving in the military in 2001, first at the Office of Naval Intelligence and later with the Defense Intelligence Agency. He is an Iraq War veteran and currently serves with the United States Navy Reserve.

Membership Czar RON JEFFREY updated the Club about all things membership. Remember, the membership committee is the whole Club – everyone is responsible for helping attract and support new Rotarians. News to many is the new corporate membership. Not surprising is the “revelation” that the power behind the throne at Tri-City Acoustics is really RON’S wife JOYCE.

JACK KATZANEK, Senior Director of Communications from the Inland Empire Economic Partnership. IEEP’s mission is “To help create the two-county region’s voice for business and quality of life. Our membership, a collection of important organizations in the private and public sector, give the organization the knowledge and perspective needed to advocate and provide a vibrant business and living environment in our region.”

Do you know of a Rotarian who is ill or missing meetings and needs some encouragement from the Club? If so, please contact wecare@redlandsrotary.org so we can be sure to show our membership that We Care. Remember, if we don’t know, then we can’t provide our support. Oh, and if you prefer not to send info by email, the good old fashioned telephone works, too – appropriate numbers found in the Club directory.

Chile Relleno Casserole, Charro Beans, Mexi Rice, Salad Bar, and Churros. Be sure to avoid SHIRLEY HARRY’S table if you actually expect to get any of the Chile Relleno casserole… And who doesn’t love churros? The olfactory sensation alone is enough to bring back memories of the LA County Fair… when it was a real fair.

How lucky are we that Rotary is a place for all members to come together for Service Above Self? What are the two topics worth avoiding during a Club meeting? Politics and religion. Fortunately our members maintain the highest levels of admiration and mutual respect for one another.

The simple and straightforward Four Way Test was written by Chicago Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor in 1932. The test was primarily written for his bankrupt Club Aluminium Company in 1932. Herb actually gave up his other jobs in order to join 250 other employees onboard the so-called “sinking ship.” Taylor later recollected, “To win our way out of this situation, I reasoned we must be morally and ethically strong. I knew that in right there was might. I felt that if we could get out our employees to think right, they would do right. We needed some sort of ethical yardstick that everybody in the company could memorize and apply to what we thought, said, and did in our relations to others. So one morning I leaned over on my desk, rested my head in my hands. In a few moments, I reached for a white paper card and wrote down that which had come to me – in twenty-four words.” Club Aluminium’s future grew brighter and brighter and in five years had pulled itself out of the red. RI officially adopted the Test in 1943, and Herbert Taylor eventually served as RI President in 1954-1955.

We can’t promise that adherence to the Four Way Test will save our struggling business or elevate us to the leadership of an international philanthropic organization. But it couldn’t hurt.

September 4, 2014 – No. 09 – Editor: Nathan Gonzales

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