Spoke Newsletter – 09-26-2019

Spoke Newsletter – 09-26-2019


The speaker is MICHAEL HENGSON. MICHAEL was in Tower 1 during the 9/11 attack, and survived with the aid of his guide dog, escaping before the tower collapsed. He now works in assisting with the needs of the blind so that they can live full lives. This work includes technology, and he will be sharing his story with us today.


We welcomed Publisher JERRY BEAN of “Redlands Community News” and JAMES FOLMER (former editor at “The Daily Facts” and current editor/weekly contributor to the “News”) to speak at our club. BEAN mentioned that they were celebrating their six-month “anniversary” of publishing the weekly newspaper, and we learned that 50 percent of RCOR are subscribers and many have bought ads for their businesses. FOLMER noted that, as a weekly, their mission is purely local, and “We don’t take anything off the wire”. In this new venture, the paper has sought to hire highly qualified reporters. To quote him: “A newspaper can be part of the glue that holds a community together.” [Ed. Note: It seems the “News” has already begun to do that.] (See “A College Town” below.)


KASEY & JULIA HAWS will share their experiences from living in Mexico for three years. Kasey is a former Redlands mayor.


If you read one of the latest issues of “Redlands Community News”, you saw a beautiful two-page spread dealing with the U of R which stated, “The home of the Bulldogs remains a source of Civic pride for Redlands”. At 112 years old, it is a private 160-acre campus. The first classes began with nine faculty members, ten courses, and 59 students. The Memorial Chapel, the second major structure on campus, was built in 1928. Two beloved traditions have persisted: 1) maintaining the “R” which is located 15 miles away from the university on the San Bernardino mountainside,* and 2) caring for seven Bulldog mascots over the years. Current mascot is named “Adelaide,” the only female mascot ever.

*The largest college emblem in the world, the “R” measures 415 ft. tall and 257 ft. wide.


The Mill Creek Zanja (better known as the “Sankey” to locals) was dug by the Serrano people in 1819 to provide water for their farms east of the city. Greek organizations at the U of R memorialize the beloved creek in song.


End of October – another social is being planned.

“Murder Mystery Theater” at the Fox Theater.


No one came up with the author of last week’s quote: “The variety of opinions leads to questions. Questions lead to truth”. The answer: Thomas Jefferson.


If refrigerated, potatoes & tomatoes go mushy; and breads & cakes grow stale and dry out faster.

“There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside the dullest exterior there is a drama, a comedy and a tragedy.” – Mark Twain

The most beautiful sound in the world is the snap of an American flag on a windy day.


Happy FALL to all! The leaves start turning and we are welcoming the cool crisp mornings FINALLY! Last week we heard from our very own JERRY BEAN and the Community News about the first six months of the paper. He recognized a lot of supporters from the Rotary club members and we enjoyed hearing about what goes on in the background in putting the paper together.
We have CANCELLED our Harrah’s Turn Around due to lack of participation. In lieu of that event, let’s remember October 24th is World Polio Day, so remember to reach into your spare change and fill up our Jar.

Our Board Meeting is Thursday at 6:00pm at POOLWERX.

Our District 5330 Foundation GALA is November 2nd at The beautiful Victoria Club in Riverside, your attendance would be appreciated. Have a great week.

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