Spoke Newsletter – 09-24-2020

Spoke Newsletter – 09-24-2020


HEATHER ROSS from Mission Assistencia will talk about this unique property in its newest iteration. Heather has a fascinating background as an international events director. Her career has taken her around the US and as far away as Qatar. Years ago, she worked with the US Olympic Committee in Colorado. As the President of Knox Consulting, she oversees the Mission Assistencia, a 200-year-old facility that has a lot of history and has gone through a number of changes. Welcome Heather!


In a change of programming less than a day before we met, we were happy to welcome Indian diplomat DR. SUSMITA GONGULEE THOMAS. She discussed her 39 years of experience in international, political and economic diplomacy here in the US, in Spain, Japan, Cote d’ Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Buinea, Liberia, Chile, and Turkey. Way to adjust on the fly program chair ROY GEORGE.


All right, boys and girls, it is time to put our best foot forward as we welcome our District 5330 Governor, Barry Valdez. The internet has scant little information on our Governor. I am sure he comes from a nice club, but not as nice as ours, so be humble. And polite. Please be polite. Remember he only can see you from the chest up, so put on your best t-shirt, or better yet, one with a collar. Good day to run a comb through the hair. If you export in a backdrop, keep it family friendly. Also, whoever has a way to contact Coach Cooter, please tell him this is not a good day to swing by and bless us with his presence.


In trying to dig up dirt on our District Governor, I stumbled upon the District 5330 Facebook page. There is some cool stuff out their clubs are doing. For example, did you know on Friday October 30th, the Temecula club is hosting a golf tournament at the Golf Club at Rancho California? For a time that club boasted more members than our club, well, that is when they all made bail and could attend. We could take them on, we have got some really good golfers in our club like MIKE BOSSMAN, DAVID GAUTIER and JOE HORZEN to name a few. In fact, it was those three who added TYLER WANER to round out their fore some and took on all comers in the Rotary Yuciapa tournament. Did we win? Ty told me our team got thirsty early, real early and really thirsty, and you know how dangerous thirst can be. They came in secondish.


Being president of a Rotary club is neither for the feint of heart nor the untrained. Before taking the leading role of any Rotary Club, especially ours, the leader attends two trainings and the international conference. The first training is a one-day event our district puts on in a place like Ontario and is a good introduction to running the club. Then there is PETS, which is an acronym for Presidents (something) Training (something) and is a more regional event over a couple days held somewhere like a hotel near LAX. All this prepares you to attend the very large, Rotary International Convention is some exotic place like Brazil or Korea. Fortunately for us, PRESIDENT JOHN TINCHER had received all this critical training prior to becoming our president when he presided over another club in district 5330, because how one gets all this training and attending conferences via zoom is questionable. Which sadly means, PRESIDENT JOHN did not get to go to an exotic place for the international conference, like I did in 2008 when the International Conference was in, wait for it, Los Angeles.


Some have been wondering either to themselves or to others, “how is our Club going to do scholarships this year with Covid forcing us to cancel everything”? Well the answer is complicated by Covid for sure. But the good news is that at our most recent Board meeting CAL announced that we already have sufficient funds to do our normal scholarships this year (Special thanks to VICTORIA MARSHALL and JAN HUDSON for an unbelievably successful Mystery Dinner). But we are not planning to sit around and do nothing for our Foundation. We still have our reservation at Orton Center to do our 2nd annual Mystery Dinner, March 26. JAN and I are committed to doing this event even if it has to be virtual! We hope to know more about the exact situation in December or early January. In the meantime, let’s keep our great Club going by making time for Rotary every Thursday from 12:25 to 1:30 PM.

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