Spoke Newsletter – 09-19-2019

Spoke Newsletter – 09-19-2019


Publisher JERRY BEAN will speak to us about our new “Redlands Community News”.


NATHAN COOKE, Redlands Fire Chief, shared some of his personal journey and advised us on Wildfire Preparedness & Awareness. He came to us from San Bernardino about a year ago, and seems well-informed and enthusiastic about the job. A few of his safety tips in case of a wildfire: 1) Heed mandatory evacuation orders especially before you see the flames of a fire, 2) Place valuables in easily -accessible spots in the home, 3) Keep gas in the tank and car in working order, 4) Create a defensible space around your home by clearing all vegetation that can create a fire hazard, 5) Etc. He mentioned that, although many wildfires occur in sparsely inhabited mountains and canyons, it is not uncommon for them to jump to residential areas, making it vital for everyone to be prepared. To sign up for cell-phone emergency notification, bring up thealert.com.


Due to a cancellation, next week will be a “Mystery Speaker”.


October: Another social is being planned for around the time of Halloween.
November: “Murder Mystery Theater” at the Fox Theater- –Details to follow.


Saturday the 14th was a day for family and friends (including many Rotarians) to gather for a service at The Holy Name of Jesus church. In a touching moment after the service five white doves were released from the front of the church ( this gesture is called “The Final Flight”).

Apparently, after their release, the doves fly back to their home in the City of Highland. Long-time friends, BILL & DIANE MCCALMON, generously opened their home for a reception following Ron’s service, the last chance for us to say good-bye to our friend.


SABINE ROBERTSON-PHILLIPS introduced the new Rotary reps from Redlands’ four high schools. We found them very friendly and well-spoken, and appreciate their taking time to keep us informed:

KARINA BENCHLEY Grove High School MCKALEY MONTANO Citrus Valley High School MIA SCANDROW Redlands High School KALIECE HALL Redlands East Valley High School


Executive Director of Redlands Chamber of Commerce CHRIS ALVAREZ, our newest member, was introduced last week by JOHN TINCHER. We noted a good sense of humor. That’s always fun! So we welcome Chris and all of the other talents he brings to RCOR. WELCOME!


The author of the quote: “I must study war and revolution so that my sons can have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy” is John Adam. Thanks to JOHN PATTERSON for caring enough to root out the correct answer.

While we’re on the subject, who knows the author of the following quote?: “The variety of opinions leads to questions. Questions lead to truth.”


I would like to thank those who made it to pay their respects to Ron Jeffrey last Saturday. It was a beautiful service and he was surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants! We really do have a GREAT club. We have our Harrah’s Fun Bus Run departing OCT. 5th and we need to get our seats filled! Please turn in your registration as soon as possible. Remember this event will help with our POLIO efforts. Don’t forget we will take your loose change! Our POLIO jar is out at each club meeting. Our goal is to fill it up as many times as possible before next July. Our next board of directors meeting will be next Thursday at 6:00pm at Poolwerx (Cal Boothby’s office). All those RED badgers have a chance to get closer to earning their blue badge by attending. PYRDE interviews have been completed and the selection process is in motion. A BIG THANK YOU, to Kathy Jensen for spearheading this program.

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