Spoke Newsletter – 09-10-2020

Spoke Newsletter – 09-10-2020

We welcome Congressman PETE AGUILAR. PETE was born in Fontana, graduated from Yuciapa High School and then received degrees from the University of Redlands in Government and Business Administration. In 2001 his career in public service began when CA Governor Gray Davis appointed him Deputy Director of the Inland Empire. In 2006 Pete became the youngest city council member in our history when he was appointed out of 11 candidates. He then served as our Mayor in 2010 and 2012. While not his first try at Congress, in 2016, he defeated Paul Chabot to become our Representative from the 31st Congressional district. He and his wife Alisha and their two sons live in Redlands. Welcome back to our Rotary club, Congressman PETE AGUILAR!

Chaplain RAYMOND MOREHOUSE discussed homelessness. His goal is to foster one on one relationships with the homeless. Instead of just one or two points of contact from those who seek to help those experiencing homelessness, his belief is it takes dozens of contact points before things can start to change, beginning first with creating trust. As of the most recent count here in Redlands, 186 were identified as homeless, more than 60 of those were chronic homeless. He stressed the primary need for many homeless is positive relationships. Most people see poverty as lacking a “thing”, and if they had that “thing” then the person would not be experiencing homelessness. Our speaker sees a different definition, created by UofR alumnus Bryant Meyers, looking to understand causes and solutions in a more holistic way, that fundamentally poverty is the result of relationships that do not work.

Not sure as of this moment, but it will be good. Programs are all our responsibility. If you have someone with an interesting story or unique profession, or know of an entity doing something inspirational, pass the idea long to ROY GEORGE, our program chair at roymann8@gmail.com.

Who says you can’t celebrate during Covid. From the Facebook posts, it appears BARBARA O’KEEFE’S drive by birthday (a significant one by the way) was most upbeat for a completely deserving individual. Then there were the recent nuptials for JIM NOLIN and Linda as reported in Jerry Bean’s newspaper. Do you think Linda will tone Jim down a bit? Not happening, thankfully. JIM ZIEMER and SABINE ROBERTSON PHILIPS had significant birthdays recently as well, but I bet they took their celebrations out of town so as not to be caught nonsocial distancing. As former Rotarian SCOTT SHOWLER used to say, “Everything in moderation. Including moderation”.

For those of us on the board of Redlands Community Hospital, being the CEO of a hospital is no picnic right now, just ask JIM HOLMES. Leisure and travel is a “reserve a trip, wait, have it cancelled, try to reserve another, wait, have it cancelled” game which is no fun, just ask LYNDA SCHAUF. Trying to run a nonprofit when events and fundraisers are your lifeblood is a challenge, just ask KYRA STEWART. Running a membership driven organization when the members cannot come do what they do is awkward, just ask DARWIN BARNETT. However, you could be JULIE MICHAELS and literally must live at work for several weeks, then work ridiculous hours once you can go home at night, then finally be allowed a few days off after six months, which she is enjoying as we speak.

In a few weeks we will be graced by our District 5330 Governor, which means by practice and tradition we show our respect by giving the Governor a standing ovation at their introduction as well as the conclusion of their comments. So, in our zoom world when we do the standing ovations, do we stand up and cut off our heads as well as show that even those of us that have nice shirts on likely are wearing shorts? Or a bathing suit? Possibly that is something the board can chew on in their next meeting and give us direction.

Last Thursday BILL HATFIELD reported that we were coming in second in our efforts to beat the Kiwanians and Optimists in collecting food for the hungry people in our community. Now, I find that hard to believe because I’ve been a Rotarian for nearly 40 yrs. I know we can do better. So, please join me in bringing in that first, second or third load of heavy groceries to the Hatfield Buick showroom. For the 40+ of you who have not yet attended one of our Zoom meetings and probably dislike Zoom as much as me, this is your opportunity to shine. It doesn’t take much time or money to succeed in this project and it also does not involve Zoom. And, the need is great right now, especially. So, lets get out there and show these two clubs who we really are! LET’S GO ROTARIANS!


Editor – Neal Waner – Edition No. 11, September 10th, 2020

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