Spoke Newsletter – 09-03-2020

Spoke Newsletter – 09-03-2020


We welcome DR. RAYMOND MOREHOUSE who will discuss homelessness in Redlands. This is a hot topic for our community. Twice in the past year our community has been surveyed about issues that confront our community, and in both samples, homelessness was the highest response. The challenge is the range of how our community defines addressing homelessness. One extreme says house and care for them, the other extreme says ship them away. This will be an interesting presentation.


Thank you MAURICIO ARELLANO, Superintendent of Redlands Unified School District for an upbeat reality on operating schools in the Covid era. True, public education has come a long way in the past 150 years from the one room schoolhouse, where students walked to school, with lunch in hand, and everyone spoke the same language. Public education is a lot more complex now, which only adds to the complications of trying to do it all distance learning. Our reality today is not what our founding fathers intended for free public education, but here we are. It was nice to see the smiles and optimistic spin from both SABINE ROBERTSON PHILLIPS and MAURICIO, because it cannot be easy doing what they are doing right now. Thankfully, the state issued RUSD $20 million of Covid 19 funding to offset Covid related costs. $20 million by the way, is about 10% of RUSD’s annual budget.


We welcome CONGRESSMAN PETE AGUILAR. PETE became the youngest city council member in our history in 2006 and served as our Mayor in 2010 and 2012. From that launch pad he went on to represent the 31st Congressional District of CA. He and his wife Alisha and their two sons live in Redlands. Welcome Pete!


Congratulations to JOE KIBLER and his wife Charity on their newest addition. I believe I heard it was a boy, and I believe he said it was their third child. Nice. As they say, one is a hobby, two is a family, three or more is chaos. Welcome to the chaos Joe and Charity.


Thanks to BEV NOERR and the Redlands Bowl, the show has gone all, all summer long. Okay, you can’t sit with 3,000+ of your friends in the heat, but you can sit (socially distant of course) with whomever you like the comfort of your air conditioned home, or go outside if you prefer your entertainment al fresco, and catch the end of the season. Tomorrow night you can enjoy TAKE3, an ensemble offering refined classical music background with rock star charisma. View live at 8:00 PM or rebroadcasts at 8:00 on Saturdays on Spectrum channel 3 or Frontier channel 35. Or you can do what DAVE MAUPIN did with wife Robin, go up to Oak Glenn for some classic outdoor movies under the stars. Bring your favorite lawn chair.


In our new world of zooming in and out of meetings, the next certification in demand will be understanding and mastering the intricacies of Zoom. A tip of the hat to PRESIDENT JOHN, who does not have the benefit of a resident teenager or 20something around to teach him all this tech stuff, but he is picking it up quite well.


I recently received an email from RI PRESIDENT HOLGER KNAACK announcing that the African region has recently been certified free from the wild poliovirus. This fight has been fought by millions of workers all over that continent using boats, bikes, foot and bus. And, thanks to the organization of these workers, the infrastructure established for this fight has been helpful in controlling Covid-19 and future pandemics.

Although we’ve won the battle on that continent, the need for continued efforts to eradicate this disease continues. We are still in need of some $50,000,000 to keep moving forward. And, that’s where those of you who might be thinking about becoming a Paul Harris Fellow (as the majority of our Club are) come in. This is your opportunity to help this project to continue moving forward to total success. And, thanks to matching funds from Bill and Melinda Gates, your contribution will be made even stronger. Let’s win this battle!

Editor – Neal Waner – Edition No. 10, September 3rd 2020

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