Spoke Newsletter – 08/25/2016

Spoke Newsletter – 08/25/2016

San Bernardino County District Attorney MIKE RAMOS will speak to us on human trafficking and victim’s rights in our county. During the Q&A, be sure to ask him about his tenure as an AYSO girls’ soccer coach.

Dr. MICHAEL NEEKI is an Iranian expatriate who emigrated to the USA in the 1980s and became a naturalized American citizen. He made his way to the Inland Empire by way of medical school in Akron, Ohio and now speaks around the country as a pioneer in the field of Tactical Medicine, that is, medical support of law enforcement operations. As demonstrated during the San Bernardino terrorist attack last December, too often emergency medical intervention goes hand-in-hand with violent criminal activity. In the case of the December 2nd attack, SWAT was training just down the road and arrived full force within 10 minutes of the first 911 call. The medical triage was operational 15 minutes after that. Dr. Neeki reports that this was the fastest triage and extraction in US history. Dr. Neeki stressed repeatedly that interagency cooperation was and is a key to success with multiple area hospitals and trauma centers sharing information and allocating resources on the medical side, with law enforcement agencies assisting others, not only with the situation in San Bernardino on that day, but also providing police coverage to neighboring cities who pulled resources from their own towns to help in San Bernardino Finally, Dr. Neeki asked us all to consider and appreciate the unique place the United States and its system of laws and rights has in the world, and to “think nobly.”

Our own JIM HOLMES will make his annual report to the Club about the past, present, and future at our own Redlands Community Hospital.

AUGUST BIRTHDAYS (whose parents were too cheap to buy each other Christmas presents)
Forrest “Don’t Ask Me” Howe 7th
Meghan “Grin and” Barich 10th
Allan “The Wrench” Griesemer 13th
“Wild” Bill McCalmon 13th
A.J. “It’s Really a ‘B’” Beechko 16th
Bill “Top” Hatfield 16th
“Buffalo” Bob Hodges 22nd
Jim “When We Wrestled, I” Pinder 23rd
Jenny “Pitter-Patter” Vannatter-Wright 25th
Ralph “Cute Lil’” Feller 31st
Sabine “Go Bruins!” Robertson-Phillips 31st

Welcome to the Club’s newest member, MIKE BOSMAN! Mike is a money manager with LPL who left our town but recently returned after a number of years with his wife and 2 children to settle in Redlands. It seems years ago, Mike’s dad paid Ron Jeffrey to “employ” his son, concerned that, left to his own devices, Mike wouldn’t accomplish much otherwise. Ron got him back by making him join RCOR. We’re delighted to have you join us, Mike.

Congratulations on earning your RCOR Blue Badge, MEGHAN BARICH!

It was good to see JON SCHARER back after some health challenges, looking fit and happy to be there. We’re ALL happy to be somewhere. Also Florin Rominu finally made a meeting, ending his self-imposed exile during the entire “Year of the Gonzales.” It only cost him $100.

MARK HEIDEMAN coughed up a few bucks in order to promote the Inland Chinese Association 2016 Moon Festival Celebration taking place on September 10th in and around downtown Redlands’ Ed Hales Park. The cost is $25 per person for dinner and a show as well as the chance to network with fellow Sinophiles.

Similarly, BILL HATFIELD stood and dug deep to invite all Rotarians to the Hatfield Buick-GMC (301 E. Redlands Blvd.) Open House which, by this writing, is now an event of the past. He indicated that RCOR members would be especially gratified to find beer and wine would be served. How did it go, Bill?

Smokey Bear says “Only you can prevent forest fires” but in this high-fire season, JEFF FRAZIER says “Clear the brush, bushes, and tree overhangs from your house and property so we have a chance in a fire. Give us a defensible space.”

Monday, Tuesday, OR Wednesday, August 29, 30 OR 31- Membership Workshop, Russo’s Italian Deli in Banning. 6:00 PM to(latest) 8:30 PM

Wednesday, August 31- Breakfast and a Book at Franklin Elementary School Library at 7 AM

Thursday, September 1- Breakfast and a Book at Lugonia Elementary School Library at 7 AM

Saturday, September 10- RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute

LEROY HANSBERGER was shown a photograph purportedly of he and about 30 family members taken “on the longest trip of my life,” a camping caravan through 6 National Parks in the western United States. However, due to a recent medical procedure on his eyes, he was unable to identify anyone in the photo. It still cost him $100.

DON MCCUE stood up to be recognized for the recent acquisition of the Contemporary Club through the Watchorn Memorial Association. Though he passed-off the congratulations to Board Chair Bill Hatfield, it was still Don’s wallet that was lightened by $100.

MARK HEIDEMAN got a $100 spelling lesson. How do YOU spell “Rotory”?

REASONS TO LOVE ROTARY NOW! BECAUSE WE KNOW ALL ABOUT SOCIAL NETWORKING – In 1905, a lonely Paul Harris was looking for camaraderie and a way to build a professional network. Today, that network is 1.2 million members strong who are connected to other leaders in their own communities and around the world.

“I went to a restaurant that serves ‘breakfast at any time’. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.”– Steven Wright

Editor – Jim Nolin – No.8 – August 25, 2016

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