Spoke Newsletter – 08/24/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 08/24/2017

HARRY JOHN spoke on his experiences in World War II. He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in July 1941, he was 20 years old. Was in the 2nd Tactical Royal Air Force and their job was supporting the army, On August 8, 1944 he had flown 24 missions and earned a 1-month leave. But August 9, 1944 he and his crew volunteered to lead a new operation.

They got hit on the way back by anti-aircraft fire and the place caught fire. Harry and one other crew member bailed out, but the pilot and air gunner died. Harry parachuted into a village in France.
The villagers gave him instructions to escape and keep safe

He ended up hiding behind a fence while Nazis searched nearby for him. The villagers ended up bringing him food and “refreshments” at his hiding place. Later a couple men from the village came and gave him a change of clothes and an ID card and smuggled him through the German road blocks.

They ended up smuggling him to another village where he began working for the French resistance

He was told they’d have him back to England in 2 weeks…..that didn’t happen. While there he repaired rifles so they could be used.

Finally, when the Allies liberated France from the Nazis he got back to England and got his 1-month leave. Harry got an offer to be done in the Air Force but instead re-enlisted and flew 10 more missions before the war in Europe was over.

He left the Canadian Air Force after the war, got an education and settled in a small town in So-Cal called REDLANDS!

PAT MEYER &The Owners of the Redlands Mall tell of the plans to renovate the Mall and answer any questions you may have.

Rotary District Governor, Manzoor Massey pays us a visit and brings updated information for the year ahead.

“In case Jim hasn’t been able to reach out to you personally yet, he wanted to let all Redlands Rotarians know that they are welcome and invited to “Jo’s Party & Open House” to celebrate the life of this Club’s favorite Nolin. The event will run between 10 am & 2 pm on August 26th at the Mission Gables House next to the Redlands Bowl, and there will be food and drink for all ages. Jo was always very pleased and gratified with how the members of this Club took her in and provided friendship, warmth, and comfort to her before and during her illnesses, and she would be grateful if you would be her guest on this day. Join with family and other friends at any time during those hours to share memories in accordance with this party and open house, which was one of Jo’s last wishes. We will lift a glass and toast her memory at noon. An RSVP to jnolin@aol.com would be appreciated.”

Breakfast and a Book is starting up again for this year, beginning with Franklin School on Wednesday, August 30 at 7:00 am in the school library. Lugonia School’s first session is on Thursday, September 7 at 7:00 am in their library. In by 7:00, done by 7:55, and on to the rest of our days with great service done; it’s fun! With few exceptions, we do the last Wednesday of every month at Franklin and the first Thursday of every month at Lugonia.

Friday, August 25, 8:00 p.m. The Redlands Symphony Orchestra -From Score to Screen with Fireworks Sponsors: Dave and Robin Maupin, Fireworks sponsor: Community Bank

The Bowl’s season finale will feature Korngold’s Violin Concerto with celebrated violinist William Hagen, John William’s Star Wars Suite, and selections from Tammy and the Bachelor, The Unsinkable Molly Brown and Singin’ in the Rain.


AJ Beechko – 16th Megan Barich-Sewell – 10th Ralph Feller – 31st Allan Griesemer – 13th Bill Hatfield – 16th Bob Hodges – 23rd Forrest Howe – 7th Bill McCalmon – 13th Jim Pinder – 23rd Sabine Robertson-Phillips – 31st

Almost 2 weeks ago, JOE HORZEN and I attended a membership meeting that had many interesting points. Today, I’ll hit on a couple that I found interesting

We have a great membership committee. SANDI, RON, and others have worked their tail off to maintain and grow our membership. But they can’t do it alone. They need our help to keep the members we have and to bring in new members. As you may have figured out, the primary reason people join Rotary and stay is for the friendship. However, a close second is the local impact the club makes. Networking is down at the bottom for joining and almost the last reason for staying. The last reason for staying with a club is personal recognition. So, the bottom line is that most people join and stay with Rotary for the friendship and the local impact they are making.

So, what can we do, to attract more members. The first thing is to “be seen.” Visibility of Rotary in the community means everything. We have a ton of projects we do for our youth, special needs, and the elderly. We must make sure we advertise our successes. JANE DREHER is our Publicity person, and she needs your stories to advertise in the community. So, the next time you undertake a community event, let JANE know ahead of time (or get her pictures after the event), she may have someone from the news media present or at least an article in the Redlands Facts. We’re going to work hard this year to alert the news media about events like “Touch a Truck,” and we will see what they do with it. JOSEPH KIBLER is our webmaster. He is always looking information to post on our website. When people know about us and see what we do, they will want to be a part of it.

Another thing that draws members is interesting guest speakers. We have always been fortunate to have many interesting and informative speakers, we will endeavor to carry on that tradition this year.

When you meet a prospective member, get to know their likes, hobbies, and passions so you can show them how our programs meet their needs, and you can introduce them to members who have similar backgrounds.

Some of the excuses that were reviewed were: “I don’t have time”☐ the satisfaction you get for your humanitarian effort will pay you back 10 fold in time; “I’m not a Joiner” ☐ you are not joining but being invited into a club that gives back to the community, you can make things happen, you can watch things happen, or you can stand there and wonder what happened; “I can’t make the commitment”☐ Rotary isn’t a commitment but rather an opportunity to help humanity: locally, nationally: and Internationally.

Membership has been a key ingredient to the strength of our club. Thanks to your efforts Redlands Rotary continues to grow as an integral part of the City of Redlands.

*Thank you to JOE HORZEN for taking the speaker notes on my behalf last Thursday!

Editor – Jan Hudson – Edition No. 8, August 24th, 2017

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