Spoke Newsletter – 08/20/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 08/20/2015

This Week
Willem Pennings, subject: Ultra marathons. This is a foot race of at least 50 kilometers (slightly more than 31 miles for the metrically impaired). Maybe Mr. Pennings will describe “Ultra” shin splints?

Last Week
Jeff Barnes, author of “Leadership of Walt Disney”, and Dean of Academic Services at Cal Baptist University, told the story of his personal journey from a Walt Disney fan and Disneyland aficionado to achieving his dream to create and teach a college course on the vision and leadership of Walt Disney. His premise is that the experience at the Disneyland attractions originally differed from other amusement parks by putting the visitor into the perspective of the lead character of the attraction’s story.

He had dreamed of putting his course together and even had discussed the concept with friends, but hadn’t brought up the subject with anyone who could help him fulfill his dream. The push to really get going on his pet project was the day, when in a hurry to get home, forgot his phone and pad on the roof of his car. After seeing the objects bouncing on the 91 freeway, he immediately knew what had happened. Learning a lesson of how easily things can be lost, he began working on the syllabus for the course and began pitching the concept to the Administration. He taught the inaugural course one year ago.

Disney’s stories, like all interesting tales, contain conflict and obstacles which must be overcome by the lead character. Life can also throw obstacles in one’s path, and during the term of that first course, Jeff was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Against the advice of his neurosurgeon, Jeff postponed the needed surgery until after the end of the course. He has now recovered and happy to tell his story and of his love of Walt Disney and his vision.

He closed with the intriguing thought “are you the hero of your own story?”

Next Week
District Governor Rudy Westervelt. Remember protocol (there is a three-page description of proper protocol on the District web site), no plate-spinning, rude hand gestures, note-passing or gum-chewing, and present him with a standing ovation after his introduction as the program.

Aug 26, 2015 Foundation Seminar. 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM to be held at TGIF Restaurant 40830 Winchester Rd Temecula,

Sept 5, Crestline-Lake Gregory Club 2nd Annual “Steaks at the Lake” Fundraiser. Go to www.crestlinerotary.com for additional information and to purchase tickets.

Idyllwild’s annual deep pit BBQ Sept 6, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Idyllwild town center on Cedar Street.

Foundation Seminar, Sep 10, 2015 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM. Location: Pete’s Road Service, 866 El Camino Ave Corona, CA 92879

Remember, Larry Burgess and Prez Nathan Gonzales are off on some hysterical junket this week (without having requested travel permits) so Prez-Elect Jan Hudson will preside this week. She’ll get her first exposure to the abuse she’ll suffer from the club next year.

Chalk up another Redlands Rotary member to a Ron Jeffrey sponsorship. Welcome Doug Richardson, a CSUSB grad and a local CPA. Also probably “best beard” in the noon club (sorry Cal, yours is getting a little too gray).

Don’t forget the Friday, Sept. 11 Braswell Memorial Golf Tournament (Sept. 11, 2001 memorial) organized by Yucaipa Rotary. There will be prizes for Foresomes from Rotary Clubs. See Jim Nolin for details.

Fire Chief Jeff Frazier must have had a very busy Saturday. Your editor witnessed what must have been most of the FD’s rolling equipment headed up hill early in the afternoon.

From Dan Goodrich, DRFC for Dist. 5330:
– The District will now match points to any Rotarian in the
– District between now and the Gala for Contributions made to
– the Annual Fund.
– Minimum contribution of $200
– Maximum contribution of $500

– $200 gets 200 recognition points
– $325 gets 325 recognition points
– $500 gets 500 recognition points and you just became a Paul
Harris Fellow.

Please be advised Rotarian’s that you must provide evidence of the contribution… This can be done in a number of ways. A donor form with a canceled check or an online confirmation with your credit card. If you use a credit card Dan Goodrich will be asking you to send a populated donor form as well.

Answer to last week’s question: “grungis”

The earliest Rotary conventions were held in August. For the 1914 convention in Houston, the month was changed to June. An intelligent decision based on weather, in the days before air conditioning?

This is a lesson that the archives community either never learned, or learned too well, as the national archives conferences always take place in August, when the only reason to travel to some of the hottest parts of the country is inexpensive (comparatively) hotel rates. This week LARRY BURGESS and I are in beautiful downtown Cleveland, Ohio, for the Society of American Archivists annual meeting.

A few weeks ago we ran a poem in The Spoke about one of our early members and a great philanthropist in our city. While in Cleveland, LARRY and I will be making good use of our time outside of the conference to conduct further research into the life and family of CLARENCE G. WHITE, one of the heirs to the White Truck Company and the White Sewing Machine Company, among others. See, Rotary really is everywhere.

But I digress. At the second Rotary Convention, held Portland, Oregon in August, 1911, a Rotarian from Minneapolis named Frank Collins addressed the crowd. One phrase of his speech struck a chord: “Service, not self.” Today, we know it as our motto “Service Above Self.”

May we strive to embody this motto in all that we do.

Editor: Mark Bulot August 20, 2015 No. 8

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