Spoke Newsletter – 08/18/2016

Spoke Newsletter – 08/18/2016

DR. MICHAEL NEEKI, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center physician, San Bernardino County SWAT team member, and first-responder in the aftermath of the December 2nd terrorist attack in San Bernardino, will discuss “Preparation for Mass Casualties: An Overview of Trauma Center’s Response.

Thirty-two-year-old STEVEN GALLION spoke to us about the arc of his career, which consists of building and selling companies. From starting his first company at age 14, Steven amassed enough material wealth at an early age to secure all the trappings of “the good life”: nice cars, big house, disposable income. However, profligate spending and his admitted tendency toward laziness caused his financial situation to implode and resulted in repossessions and foreclosure. He finally turned it all around after realizing several key notions: the impulse to succumb to unproductive labors can serve as “pivot point” that trigger opposing productive effort; that success and inspiration is not a complicated formula if you stick to the basic “block-andtackling” (“1 + 1 always = 2”); that if you want to be a success, you have to be totally committed and 100% invested in yourself. His story gave us all something to think about and use in our own professional lives, even those of us more than twice his age.

Long a familiar face to RCOR, San Bernardino County District Attorney MIKE RAMOS will speak to us on human trafficking and victim’s rights in our county.

Please welcome new Rotarian, JAQUELINE LANIER. Jacqui is co-owner of Cross + Swan Event Planners here in Redlands and has already been involved in planning and executing several RCOR events in past years including Red Wine & Blues and “Touch-A-Truck.” She is a most welcome addition to the Club. Please introduce yourself and get to know her.

A long-lost, long-overdue, and much deserved Paul Harris Fellow recognition for DEB KINDER was unearthed and presented to her by PREZ JAN. Deb is another unique Rotarian if for no other reason than she retained her membership in RCOR throughout a years-long work assignment out-of-state. Thank you for your loyalty and service, Deb!

Monday, Tuesday, OR Wednesday, August 29, 30 OR 31- Membership Workshop, Russo’s Italian Deli in Banning. 6:00 PM to(latest) 8:30 PM

Share ideas and successes with other Clubs in District 5330 at any one of these evening discussion groups and learn and teach how to increase (or lose) members. $10.00 prepaid or $20.00 for 3 persons. Go see Cal for tuition support from RCOR if you need it.

Wednesday, August 31- Breakfast and a Book at Franklin Elementary School Library at 7 AM

Thursday, September 1- Breakfast and a Book at Lugonia Elementary School Library at 7 AM

Talk to Victoria Marshall or, Jan Sherman, or just show up for BAAB those mornings. Besides being a great service opportunity, each qualifies for an attendance makeup meeting!

Saturday, September 10- RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute).

This 3-part, ¾-day-long class will teach you something you might not know about RI and our District, and all three modules to graduation are offered at each RLI. Ortega High School in Lake Elsinore. Future sessions this year are on 11/5/16 and 3/11/17. You MUST preregister to attend. Go see Cal for tuition support from RCOR. If you didn’t get the email flyer about RLI, contact Jim Nolin and he will get it to you.

PREZ JAN asked the Club to admire the handiwork produced by Roger Stafford’s company (Stafford’s Discount Carpets 1915 W. Redlands Blvd., #106B) in replacing the carpeting in our own Lincoln Shrine. While she was right to assess Roger a nice chunk of change in recognition of his beautiful work, she inexplicably failed to take advantage of the opportunity also to recognize Larry Burgess and Don McCue for wearing out the original flooring in the first place.

PREZ JAN also recognized BETTY BECK for her continuing dedication to the study of aquatic creatures and “wild life,” including quaint and historical establishments of wine and song, as well as for her competence in guiding this year’s newsletter, The Spoke. Her selection of editors for this year indicates in which of these two areas her greatest competence lies.

A collection of JIM NOLIN’S family photos taken from FaceBook was projected for the Club to contemplate and admire. Though unspectacular in their quality, content, and composition, PREZ JAN thought to recognize Jim to the tune of a C-note for the rogue’s gallery nonetheless.

NATHAN GONZALES was asked by PREZ JAN to talk to the Club about his impressions of Atlanta, Georgia where he visited recently. While one would expect an esteemed historian like Nathan to talk about the city’s role in the American Civil War, or the Civil Rights movement of the ‘60s, or as the host city of the 1996 Summer Olympics, he chose instead to gripe about the heat and humidity. On a side-trip to New Orleans, the climate was not a problem because most bars and restaurants apparently are air-conditioned.

Founded in the midst of a world war, our Foundation grew up during a global depression and a second world war to become one of the world’s leading foundations. Its story is one of vision, compassion, and generosity. What began as modest projects that helped relatively small groups of people gradually expanded, and today more than $3 billion has been spent on programs and projects transforming millions of lives around the globe. Together, Rotarians are attacking poverty, disease, and lack of education, and bringing peace through grant-funded projects in our areas of focus. From the August 2016 issue of The Rotarian

“I saw a sign ’24 Hour Banking,’ but I don’t have that much time.” — Steven Wright

Editor – Jim Nolin – No.7 – August 18, 2016

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