Spoke Newsletter – 08/17/2017

Spoke Newsletter – 08/17/2017

Master Stephanie Argentine, along with Stephanie Carnes shared that they are survivors of violent crimes, and Kelly Smith shared a most recent incident in downtown Redlands of a man jumping into the back seat of her 8-month pregnant daughter’s car while she was strapping in her young child into a car seat ~ he refused to leave the car, the police were called and he was arrested. This frightening incident inspired Kelly to collaborate with Master Argentine and host a Women’s Self Defense training on Sunday, October 1, from 1-3pm at Arrowhead Tang Soo Do, 27000 Baseline, Highland, CA. To register $35 per student 16 years old and up. Call Master Argentine at 909-215-0758. Created by women, taught by women, for women in a safe and educational environment.

HARRY JOHN, retells of his WWII escape to freedom and the French Underground, remembering those who preserved freedom and democracy!

PAT MEYER &The Owners of the Redlands Mall tell of the plans to renovate the Mall and answer any questions you may have.

“In case Jim hasn’t been able to reach out to you personally yet, he wanted to let all Redlands Rotarians know that they are welcome and invited to “Jo’s Party & Open House” to celebrate the life of this Club’s favorite Nolin. The event will run between 10 am & 2 pm on August 26th at the Mission Gables House next to the Redlands Bowl, and there will be food and drink for all ages.

Jo was always very pleased and gratified with how the members of this Club took her in and provided friendship, warmth, and comfort to her before and during her illnesses, and she would be grateful if you would be her guest on this day. Join with family and other friends at any time during those hours to share memories in accordance with this party and open house, which was one of Jo’s last wishes. We will lift a glass and toast her memory at noon. An RSVP to jnolin@aol.com would be appreciated.”

Breakfast and a Book is starting up again for this year, beginning with Franklin School on Wednesday, August 30 at 7:00 am in the school library. Lugonia School’s first session is on Thursday, September 7 at 7:00 am in their library. In by 7:00, done by 7:55, and on to the rest of our days with great service done; it’s fun! With few exceptions, we do the last Wednesday of every month at Franklin and the first Thursday of every month at Lugonia.

It’s the IE 66ers Game Rotary Mixer! All are welcome: family, friends, neighbors, potential Rotarians! It’s a make-up meeting if you need one and will count as a “Club Activity” for any “Red Badgers” that still need one. August 19th (That’s THIS Saturday evening!) 6:05pm

If anyone would like to throw out the first pitch, they may! Perhaps Prez Beechko would like to auction off this honor to benefit the RCOR Foundation, or Polio Plus, or the “Past Presidents’ Slush-and-Bar-Tab-Offset Fund.” Contact Joe Horzen for tickets NOW!

Friday, August 18 – 8:00 p.m. State Street Ballet of
Santa Barbara: Cinderella
Sponsored by: Glenn Vernet

Saturday, August 19 – 8:00 p.m.
State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara: Cinderella
Sponsored by: Bawden & Kochis Family Law Attorneys
“You’re never too old to be young again.” A light-hearted retelling of the classic story, this entertaining and visually stunning production brings together the beautiful Cinderella, her evil stepsisters, the handsome prince and the guests at his ball.

Tuesday, August 22 – 8:00 p.m.
Celtic Spring
Sponsored by: Ken and Judith Stanford
Celtic Spring returns to the Redlands Bowl! A burst of energy. Driving music. Riveting dancing. Youthful exuberance. Unparalleled talent all in one family.

Missing the Mark
Something I learned from Rotary is that self-promotion does not do well in our club. Our objective is service above self, even though the friends you make may someday interact with you outside of the club. Over the last several years we have seen people come and go, and those who focus only on self-promotion, usually do not last long.

The other thing that I know, is that our members come to our meetings to spend time with their friends, eat a satisfying meal, and listen to speakers that are informative and discuss topics that are interesting. It is not a forum to sell products or services. However, there are several very worthwhile agencies, programs, and services, in our community. Therefore, in some instances we may invite the leaders of these agencies to speak at our meeting. The objective of these agency presentations is to let the rest of us know about the excellent work they are doing. They are not there to solicit donations, even though some of you may already be committed to service in their organization.

Sometimes we hit the mark with our noontime presentations, and sometimes we do not. For that I apologize. We will continue to work hard to bring you informative and educational lectures that do not sell products or services.

For those that do have worthwhile agencies or programs that need help, the forum for those discussions are at the board meeting and we invite any member to attend. As you know, we fund our programs through fund raisers (like Red Wine & Brews) and donations by our members. Thus, we have a limited budget. Our club has defined many service programs that we are committed to (like scholarships and youth programs). So, new initiatives must always be planned.

Again, I apologize for sometimes “missing the mark” with our presentations. However, I do know that today we have a presentation that will “Hit the Mark.” We are proud and honored to have HARRY JOHN speak at noon today.

Editor – Jan Hudson – Edition No. 7, August 17th, 2017

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