Spoke Newsletter – 08/13/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 08/13/2015

Jeff Barnes Author Leadership of Walt Disney

Gary Cohoe, Director of Project Delivery is a civil engineer with SanBag overseeing various projects. Gary rapid-fired an overview of the I-10 I-15 freeway expansion projects, demonstrating how two toll lanes could carry more traffic than three free lanes of traffic. Gary showed statistics that toll lanes was a better alternative to HOV (carpool) lanes.

SanBag, or the San Bernardino Associated Governments, is an agency responsible for the transportation issues in the region of its affiliates, which are the cities in the county (so it covers the whole county). Its board consists of members of the 29 city councils (one member each) and the board of supervisors (or their designee).

The I-10 expansion from the County Line Express lanes (toll) from Pomona to Ford Street in Redlands, I-10 Tippecanoe off ramp improvements, the I-10 Alabama Ave, and improvements from the 60 to 395 on I-15 are part of Gary’s responsibility. Traffic is expected to grow 50% between now and 2035, and the expansion projects proposed to meet that demand will not be completed before 2024.

Willem Pennings, subject: Ultra marathons. Is that anything like what happens when certain members of our club get hold of a microphone?

Tonight is Prez Nathan’s conference call with the District Gov. Hope he has the large box of Cheeze-its ready at hand. A little help Cal?

Aug 19, Big Bear Rotary annual golf tournament. See how far the ball goes at high altitude when you shank the crap out of it. At 7000 feet elevation, a slice can turn into a boomerang. DUCK!

Aug 26, 2015 Foundation Seminar. 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM to be held at TGIF Restaurant 40830 Winchester Rd Temecula, Idyllwild’s annual deep pit BBQ Sept 6, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Idyllwild town center on Cedar Street.

Jim Braswell made a heartfelt donation of $500 in the name of his departed wife, turning around Prez Nathan’s attempt to clip Jim for $50 for a travel permit.

Bill Hatfield made a special presentation to Cal Boothby last meeting, giving Cal a T-shirt emblazoned with “I Pee In Pools”. This was Bill’s response to a rise in the cost of chlorine on his monthly pool maintenance fee.

Philip Naman’s Firing Line radio hour on Saturday afternoon is a pleasant relief from politically correct speech; however, your editor is very curious as to the correct spelling of “grungous”.

Due to restrictions on disclosure of health information, Redlands Rotary has announced a means for transmitting information on members to club leadership: email to wecare@redlandsrotary.com. Cal Boothby coordinates the email, and Prez Nathan would prefer to be over-informed than miss theopportunity to enlighten the membership on the status of members with health concerns.

STAN WEISSER’S informative homily about the beginning of singing at Rotary Club meetings got me thinking about the importance of music at meetings, which led to traditions, which eventually got me wondering about our favorite song Smile – Sing a Song. Where did it come from? Who wrote it?

Here’s what I learned: The song was written by a Rotarian named JAMES O. SCOTT of Pontiac, Illinois. He was born in Pontiac in 1886, and was married in 1916. He graduated from the Illinois State Normal University and Bush Conservatory of Music inChicago. After writing the song around 1910, it song became a favorite, and was mentioned as the “No. 1 song in the International Rotary song book” at the time of his death in 1941.

How long has our Club been singing Smile? Maybe LARRY WORMSER, LEROY HANSBERGER, or HARRY JOHN can enlighten us.

Would you believe that this seminal work, written by a Rotarian for Rotary, has been coopted by other service clubs? It shows up in the Lions International song book, and Kiwanians have familiarized themselves with it, too!

Vive le Rotary!

Editor: Mark Bulot August 13, 2015 No. 7

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