Spoke Newsletter – 08/06/2015

Spoke Newsletter – 08/06/2015

Gary Cohoe, engineer with SanBag will present an overview of the I-10 I-15 freeway expansion

Last Week
Kraft Talks- A Redlands Rotary Tradition for Fifth Thursdays. Larry Burgess, indulging in a slight prevarication, insisted that he was informed just minutes before the meeting of presentation specifics and scrambled to prepare the interview format that took place. He failed to remember that he, as Spoke editor, the previous Tuesday published the format. In Johnny Carson style, Dr. Burgess grilled newer members Joe Hudson and Mark Heidmen about their personal history, careers and their Rotary experience to-date.

Joe is the General Manager for the Inland Empire 66ers minor league baseball team. Born in Fontana, attended Cajon High in San Bernardino, and dreamed of a professional sports career until his UCR college education in business and engineering helped him realize that fame as a pro athlete was not in his future. He began his career with the 66ers with a part-time job as a means to afford a cell phone while still in high school. Advancing through the ranks, Joe is now at the top of the heap as the manager of all the business aspects of the stadium. He loves the community involvement and the entertainment in addition to the game that is afforded in the minors, such as Zombie night and Bacon appreciation. Rotary has met his expectations- ‘Lunch is provided’.

Mark is a more local product, as when he grew up; his mother was at the U of R and his father at Norton. As a youth Mark envisioned a career as a firefighter, as a teenager he worked with his grandfather in photography, but in college began his interest in mechanical engineering and computer programming. His career started at Data Express, a company that developed the first computer modem that didn’t use a direct phone line connection. As that technology was soon surpassed, Mark made his way to programming as an employee of various companies. He continued to keep photography as a hobby, and thankfully so, as the club has had some particularly sketchy pictures taken in recent years. Mark’s mother suggested Rotary to him as a way to get involved in the community. Following the passing of his wife, Mark made the decision to join our club.

Thanks to Ron Jeffrey for sponsoring these two.

Jeff Barnes, Author: Leadership of Walt Disney

Reminder for Prez Nathan – president’s go to meeting webinar with the Dist. Gov. Aug 13, 2015 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM (do we think Nathan is going to miss half of the Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity shows on Fox?) Aug 19, Big Bear Rotary annual golf tournament. Aug 26, 2015 Foundation Seminar. 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM to be held at TGIF Restaurant 40830 Winchester Rd Temecula,

Jim Ziemer threw the opening pitch of the Hatfield Buick-GMC sponsored 66ers game Sunday. Hopefully, Jim will be sans arm sling by this week’s meeting. Prez Nathan is recruiting to expand his snitch network (he tried to upgrade the character of his minions by referring to them as spies).

It has been 10 years since the beginning of the Kenyan orphanage program. Kudos to Dave Maupin and all those who helped in the ensuing years.

That pale green edifice to our community newspaper, designed by passed Redlands Rotarian and noted architect, Ben Rabe, will soon be home to the Redlands Historical Museum.

Janet Greenfield has been injured in an auto accident. Due to restrictions on disclosure of health information, Redlands Rotary has announced a means for transmitting information on members to club leadership: email to wecare@redlandsrotary.com. Cal Boothby coordinates the email, and Prez Nathan would prefer to be over-informed than miss the opportunity to enlighten the membership on the status of members with health concerns.

President’s Preposterous Prose…
A big thank you to BILL HATFIELD and HATFIELD Buick Gmc for hosting a special event at the 66ers game against Bakersfield last Sunday for the Rotary Club of Redlands. While our group was small, it was mighty – especially with the consumption of peanuts! Our own JIM ZIEMER threw out the first pitch, fulfilling an item from his bucket list! How great that Rotary could create that opportunity. After melting in the afternoon sun for a couple of innings, we were greeted by General Manager JOE HUDSON, who upgraded our group to a Luxury box! Now, that’s a nice way to watch a ball game! Complete with wait service – thank you, JOE!!

This was a lot of fun, and several of us got to thinking that, outside of our weekly meetings, we don’t set a whole lot of purely social opportunities. Let’s go bowling, or attend a 66ers game again, or meet at a local brewery one evening, or something like that! A fun, low key opportunity to get to know each other beyond “pass the salt, please.” So think about the kinds of things which we would enjoy, and let our social committee or board know. Committee assignments will be announced soon with the forthcoming membership roster!

If you haven’t had a chance to submit your commitment form to CAL, please do so soon or I will automatically assign you a $500 pledge!! So

Editor: Mark Bulot August 6, 2015 No. 6

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