Spoke Newsletter – 08/04/2016

Spoke Newsletter – 08/04/2016

Dr. MICHAEL SAMARDZIJA is an intellectual property attorney with over 28 years of experience in the life sciences. Michael graduated with a PhD in Physiology from LLU in 1994 and with a JD from the University of San Diego School of Law in 2001. As LLUH’s new Associate Vice President of Research Development, Michael will seek to develop an innovation culture at LLUH, including The Very Place.collaborations.

RYAN PEAKE of Peake Performance Health in Redlands spoke to the club about his life journey from youthful athlete to invalid to wellness and fitness coach. Ryan played a great many competitive sports and practiced martial arts from an early age, so much so that he had the first of his knee surgeries at age 15. He eventually became incapacitated by multiple injuries and an astonishing weight gain to 300 pounds. Vowing to get himself back into shape through diet and exercise, he gradually worked his way back to better health when, at age 27, he found himself stricken by a rare and lethal form of lymphoma at Stage 4. Given the choice of giving up and giving in or taking a very aggressive experimental treatment with a 10% survival rate, Ryan chose the latter. He spent the next 8 months in isolation at Redlands Community Hospital fighting the disease. When he finally from RCH, he decided that his personal emotional and physical health demanded he quit his job with the railroad and become a teacher to show others the way to wellness and fitness. He has been in remission from cancer for 10 years .and last week advised us all to “make your personal health your top priority.” Ryan and Peak Performance Health can show you how

Thirty-year-old entrepreneur STEVE GALLION will share his trials and triumphs on his road to successfully building and selling multiple companies in a variety of industries. Currently, Gallion is a founder and President of MedTrainer located in Redlands.

Professor JACK OSBORN announced that yet another U of R student has received a $30,000.00 grant from Rotary International to support overseas studies. JANELLE CRONK earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Business, and will attend the London School of Economics in pursuit of an MSc degree with an emphasis on Conflict Resolution. Her long-term goal is to become a lawyer working internationally to advance human rights. Good luck and best wishes to Janelle, and thank you, Jack, for your tireless efforts to bring the benefits this Rotary programs offers to our college students.

ANDREW FOSTER joined us as visitor last week as the “Cooking-for-the-Club” torch was passed to BRANDON ASPLUND. Andrew stepped up and took over meal shopping, cooking, serving, and cleaning-up responsibilities two years ago as a 20-year-old, and served ably both our Club and the Noon Kiwanis Club in that capacity. However, it was time for Andrew to move ahead in his life and reenter higher education at San Jose State in pursuit of a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. In thanks and appreciation for his service, the Club made Andrew a Paul Harris Fellow, and the Board of Directors authorized a $1,000.00 cash scholarship in support of his academic advancement. Best of luck and thank you, Andrew, and welcome Brandon.

Congratulations, DICK JONES, for being awarded a Paul Harris +1 pin for breaking the $2,000.00 ceiling in giving to the Rotary International Foundation. Points toward Paul Harris Fellow recognition accumulate for any cash contribution of any amount to the Annual Fund, Polio Plus, or an approved Foundation grant. They also accumulate through your entire Rotary “career.” Earned points can be transferred to any other person (as was the case for Andrew Foster and others) to give them this special recognition from RI. If you would like to know where you stand with RI Foundation giving, and how close you may be to earning your own recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow, go to www.rotary.org/MyRotary and sign up or sign in. Not only can you check status, you can also donate to the RI Foundation one time or set up a painless recurring donation at any one of several intervals.

August is “Membership Month” in Rotary. Make it a point to meet and greet your fellow members, new and experienced, both, and try to identify and invite potential new members who would enjoy joining us in Service Above Self.It’s “back to school” for students of the Redlands Unified School District on August 8! This means the numerous programs our Club provides for these students are about to fire up! The long-running Students-of-the-Month program and the relatively new Rising Star program for our high school students, as well as COMPACT and Interact will resume in earnest soon. We have a Breakfast and a Book “twofer” coming up at the end of the month
with Franklin Elementary School at 7 AM on Wednesday, August 31st and Lugonia Elementary the very next day and same time on Thursday, September 1st. Every one of these programs are great opportunities for service for our members.

Professor CHRISTOPHER WALKER was recognized by PREZ. JAN for his recent trip to Hawaii where he seemed to have spent an inordinate amount of time studying pods of all descriptions: orchids, vanilla, chocolate, coffee. If you have ever seen “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” you might understand why we should all keep a close eye on Capt. Walker.

JAN OPDYKE made a “voluntary” $50.00 contribution to the Club foundation in recognition of the $150,000.00 Stater Bros. Charities donated to the Redlands Community Hospital Foundation. At a 3000-to-1 “donation to recognition ratio,” perhaps next year Jan needs to pony up a larger amount to the Club foundation.

JOHN PATTERSON was recognized for his extended trip to Europe. While there, his adventures included seeing the British Open, Wimbledon, and the Europe Cup. This all count as “working out.”

DARWIN BARNETT went to Yosemite for a well-deserved family vacation away from the heat and hassle of Redlands. While there, they met the Obama family and our President showed Darwin a few acrobatic and juggling tips he could take back to the Y Circus.

Happy Thursday Rotarians! Did you know that August is Rotary Membership Month?

Do you know a friend, family member, or colleague from your business or profession in who has all the qualities of a good Rotarian? Rotarians are adults of good character and good business or professional reputation, who hold or have held an executive position with discretionary authority in any worthy and recognized business or profession. I challenge each Rotary Club of Redlands Rotarian to bring a visitor this month and share the joys of Rotary!!

“The sign said ‘eight items or less.’ So I changed my name to Les.”
— Steven Wright

Editor – Jim Nolin – No.5 – August 4, 2016

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