Spoke Newsletter – 08/30/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 08/30/2018


Kurt Burmeister, General Manager and COO of the Redlands Country Club has a long history with that establishment, having played golf there with his member grandparents since childhood. In a case of rebellion against parental authority, Kurt entered the hospitality and facilities vocation and travelled to Seattle, the desert, and Northern California working for various facilities until returning to Redlands Country Club. Right now, there are around 620 members whose dues and fees largely support the club’s $6.5MM annual budget. Food and beverage sales account for $2.2MM with $300K in wine-by-the-bottle sales. The club has 55 full-time and 35 part-time employees. Kurt says the RCC is breaking new ground, doing unconventional things and trying new kinds of event not usually done at a country club to be more “relevant” to the members and potential members: building a wine cave for members’ storage, making pickle ball fields, conducting programs for kids, and holding 40 extra events each year. At one point, he allowed that at our noon meeting, he had not seen so many club members sober at the same time. For the unknowing and uninitiated like me, it was a particularly interesting program


Past President PAT MEYER will anchor the panel as we present the first Craft Talks of the 2018-2019 Rotary Year. He should be able to sum up the last 20 years of his occupation in the 10 minutes allotted to him. Let’s see how the others do.


The esteemed coach emeritus of the boy’s wrestling team from Our Lady of Perpetual Excitement High School in Phelan, our own ZEFRAM COOTER, will explain how the team amassed a record number of forfeits for having soiled uniforms.


The overnight seminar for middle schoolers, Personal Rotary Youth Leadership Experience, or “PRYDE” will take place November 1\7 & 18. Adult facilitators are needed, so sign up. Orientation and training are coming up so please see MIKE BOSMAN or PREZ JOE TODAY!

The next Breakfast and a Book will take place Thursday, September 13 in the library at Lugonia Elementary School on Pennsylvania. Show up at 7 AM, out by 8 AM, leaving happy kids with food in their bellies and their very own book to keep, compliments of RCOR. That’s YOU! Reservations are not necessary; just show up, ready for big fun!


The birthday table smoked PREZ JOE’S quiz questions last week! Missing only 1 out of the 5 questions, the following Rotarians each owe only $20.00 for being August Babies.:

Forrest Howe – August 7           Andy Beechko – August 16


Amber Ross – August 7               Bill Hatfield – August 16

Meghan Barich – August 10       Bob Hodges – August 22

Bill McCalmon – August 13        Ralph Feller – August 31

Allan Griesemer – August 13       Sabine Robertson-Phillips – August 31

More traditional recognition was given to JOHN TINCHER for visiting his daughter and family in Idaho and his 10-stop Viking Cruises sailing tour in Europe (at $20 per stop) which probably included a little extra for his weak attempt to throw Lynda Schauf under the bus.

DOUG MCADAM was happily recognized for the birth of his newest granddaughter, Ruby, as well as for a trip to visit his brother, Lucas, in Idaho. Then, proving that Past Presidents largely retain their “chops,” from the floor, Doug proceeded to recognize PREZ JOE for being promoted to partner at Soren-McAdam (ka-ching!) and for his new Lexus (ka-ching!). It was a very satisfying session.

Congratulations and thanks to DARWIN BARNETT for earning his Paul Harris +1. Many qualifying donations that are sent to Rotary International for Paul Harris calculation come back to our Club as District Grants. It’s a win-win!

Kudos to JENNIFER DANIEL for throwing a little variety into the second song selection this month. I mean, “Amazing Grace” and “Somewhere, Over the Rainbow”? Songs we all kinda know but probably never sing. Way to go!


At the meeting on August 16, DICK JONES noted that the lyrics for “Smile” that are projected on our screen at the meetings are different from the way we sing it. Bragging rights for finding the discrepancy(-ies) go to BETTY AUTON-BECK and JOHN PATTERSON who noted the disharmony in the lines concerning “your troubles” and the admonition to “Smile” in the second to last line.


In 1989, James Marlow and Cynthia Coffman are sentenced to death in San Bernardino for the kidnapping and murder of Corinna Novis who disappeared from a Redlands ATM in November 1986. Coffman was the first woman to receive the death sentence since California reinstated it in 1977. Marlow and Coffman remain on death row today.


The fifth Thursday of the month is here and it’s time for a craft talk. Over the years I have been in the club craft talks have been some of my favorite programs. While they are great to acquaint the club with new members, they are also great to help everyone find out a little more about the person they have had lunch with every Thursday for the last however- many years. With so many long time members in our club it is hard to find out a lot about everyone. Our craft talks always bring about new facts about a member themselves or what they do as a profession that we may not have known before and can help us as a club or even in our personal lives.

Editor—Jim Nolin — Edition No. 9, August 30, 2018




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