Spoke Newsletter – 08-29-2019

Spoke Newsletter – 08-29-2019


PARTY TIME!!! In lieu of the regular meeting of the Club at noon, we’re all going to party like it’s 1999 at Cutler Insurance Group beginning at 5:30pm. And you never know, the Club may hide a secret camera at the Masonic Hall to photograph everyone who either forgot or didn’t bother to read this!


NATALEE MARIE GREGSON, through her work with her organization Red Moon Weaving, works to support girls and women in Mexico City who are survivors of Sex Trafficking. Red Moon Weaving works directly alongside these women to create and sell jewelry and textile designs. Her hope is to empower women not only in business, but in finding their voice through creativity, ultimately changing the trajectory of their lives. Proceeds from the sales go back to these women and their families.


Behind the scenes at Redlands Footlighters with ERIC GRUENLER, President of the Board of Directors. Can you believe Footlighters is turning 74 this year?! How many Rotarians saw a Footlighters show in the former Grove Theater on Vine Street?


For those of you who missed the experience of the birthday
quiz in its entirety, test your knowledge:

  1. Who was not born on August 22?
    Ty Burrell, American actor
    Rick Springfield, Australian singer
    Layne Staley, American rock singer and guitarist
    Claude Debussy, French composer
  2. Which of the following is not a Virgo trait (according to
    the internet)?
    They are amazing artists.
    They are modest.
    They are too critical.
    They are easy going.
  3. Which of the following is not a Cancer trait (according
    to the internet)?
    They are pretty dim bulbs.
    They are intuitive
    They are enigmatic.
    They are charming.
  4. August in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of which month in the Southern Hemisphere?
  5. Which of the following meteor showers does not take place in August?
    Kappa Cygnids
    Alpha Capricornids


At the final performance of the 2019 Redlands Bowl season, the stage was seemingly littered with Rotarians in the pre-show moments, including (but not limited to) BEV NOERR, DAVE MAUPIN, and JERRY BEAN.PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

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