Spoke Newsletter – 08/23/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 08/23/2018


The non-profit Dibble Institute uses statistical data and sociological studies to analyze trends in attitudes and behaviors, then uses their findings to promote productive and positive relationships in young people. Last week’s presenter, President and Executive Director Kay Reed, cited Redlands resident and engineer Charles Dibble as having recognized some decades ago that young people needed relationship skills education to prevent an ever-increasing devolution into destructive patterns of behavior in their personal lives with the attendant negative impact on society as a whole. Founded with $1MM in “seed money” from Mr. Dibble, the Institute has instructed more than 5.1MM “pupils” and more than 76,000 in 2017 alone. The Institute derives revenue from donations, but it also sells it’s course materials (workbooks, lessons, worksheets, etc.) to schools, churches, government assistance programs, and other institutions who want to promote strong, stable, and safe families. With so many traditional institutions falling apart or declining, the Dibble Institute is doing good work toward the better outcomes promoted by high-quality romantic relationships.


Kurt Burmeister, General Manager and COO of the Redlands Country Club will enlighten us on what it takes to run RCC and, quite possibly, his continuing issues with the riff-raff that show up at RCC every Wednesday morning at 7:00.


Past President PAT MEYER will anchor the panel as we present the first Craft Talks of the 2018-2019 Rotary Year, “Everything you wanted to know about Pat and other members but were afraid to ask.”


Our Spoke editor for September had to back out at the last minute so we’re on the hook beginning September 6th until the 27th. If any of our members and/or a couple of friends can tag-team the month, that would be great and, of course, BETTY AUTON-BECK (“BABS”) would be forever in your debt. So would the rest of us. We still need editors for April and June, by the way. Come to think of it, there are a couple of Past Presidents who have not signed up this year as editors and would do a bang-up job! You know who you are. Next week, we name names…..


A very happy GENEVA LABATE was pleased to rate her newest relative “100 out of 100” when recognized for the birth of her 4-week-old granddaughter.


Two ways you can step-up for the “yute” in The East Valley. First, the overnight seminar for middle schoolers, Personal Rotary Youth Leadership Experience, or “PRYDE” will take place November 17 & 18. This District-wide event is an eye-opener that changes everyone who participates, yute or adult. Adult facilitators are needed: this means YOU! Orientation and training are upon us, so if you are committed to help this great program or even have the slightest curiosity, please see MIKE BOSMAN or PREZ JOE TODAY! Second, Breakfast and a Book is back now that the school year has started! Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming dates at Franklin and Lugonia schools.


Thanks to all who contributed to last Thursday’s supply drive. It was a pretty good response for this group, many of whom serve FSA with time and treasure every day of the year. Also, it will be noted that the Club helped launder a $1,500 cash donation to Family Services that would have otherwise gone to some District Rotary program.


A sharp-eyed Rotarian noted last week that the lyrics for “Smile” that are projected onto the screen as we sing are not consistent with the lyrics as we have all learned to sing them. For bragging rights in next week’s Spoke, who will be the second Club member to find it and tell this Editor what the discrepancy is?


In 1500, Christopher Columbus, accused of mistreating the natives of Haiti, is arrested and eventually returned to Spain


The 4th Thursday of August has arrived, which means BIRTHDAY QUIZ time! Although I hate fining people it is a tradition that I grudgingly uphold for the good of the club….

Rotary turned 113 during 2018 and our club is currently in its 99th year. Over those 95 years our club has accomplished a great deal from projects at Ford Park, scholarships, Red Wine and Blues, and now most recently, Touch-A-Truck! As the premier service club in Redlands it’s no surprise we and our predecessors were able to and continue to accomplish so much. With the group we have now you never can tell what may come out of the creative minds in this club each Rotary year, and I can’t wait to see what new ideas of service show up during my year!

Editor—Jim Nolin — Edition No. 8, August 23, 2018

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